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League of Legend Sex Dolls: The Ultimate Guide in 2023!

Mar 22, 2023


  1. Intro
  2. What is League of Legends?
  3. Why is League of Legends so popular?
  4. Top 5 hottest female characters in League of Legends
  5. 2.Fiora - The Grand Duelist
  6. League of Legends sex doll (Cosplay Sex Doll/Life Size Figure)
  7. Perks of owning a League of Legends sex doll
  8. Best place to buy League of Legends Sex Dolls
  9. My favourite League of Legends sex doll
  10. Conclusion
League of Legend Sex Dolls


If you are an avid gamer, you will love this article. However, even if you aren't, I would suggest you skim through this League of Legends guide. Yes, we are talking about the popular multiplayer video game League of Legends. If you haven't heard of it, read on to know more. For fans of this genre, this is an article about your favourite (ahem ahem!) League of Legends female character. If you are I think who you are, you can avail your favourite League of Legends doll on Realdollshub. Read more about this review of seraphine sex dolls to know more.

What is League of Legends?

Invented in 2009 by Riot Games, League of Legends is a multiplayer video game that is immensely popular. Teenagers and adolescents are ardent fans of League of Legends. This game (League of Legends) features two teams of five players each, who battle each other while defending each other's half of the map. The game has 11 such 'Champion' characters that you can play with. Your character in League of Legends accrues points across time while jumping to new levels after gaining experience. The manufacturers have released different game modes in League of Legends over time (the most common being Summoner's Rift). League of Legends was initially conceived as a successor to another hugely popular video game DotA.
 League of Legends

Why is League of Legends so popular?

League of Legends is a hugely popular game - the fact is, this statement is almost universally true. It has been accepted by countless generations in this new millennium. Almost all of us have played Prince of Persia and League of Legends, among other computer games. These were the games that were hugely popular during our teens. Remember wanking off to Vi or Caitlyn? That's right, we all did that (wink wink!). If you happen to have caught Arcane on Netflix (modeled after League of Legends), I need not say more. For the uninitiated, I know you have definitely seen (and probably fantasised about) Ahri or Evelynn. What if I told you that you could recreate all those imaginary scenes with an Evelynn sex doll or an Ahri sex doll? You probably did not anticipate that, right? The very fact that League of Legends is so popular on Esport speaks volumes about the fact that League of Legends was one of the first video games to opt for a free-to-play model. The company sourced its revenue through cosmetics which afforded you no other ability in the game other than some additional aesthetic features. Read on to know more about yourfavourite Ahri sex doll, Evelynn sex doll, or Seraphine sex doll. Know more about your favourite League of Legends characters and League of Legends sex doll.

Top 5 hottest female characters in League of Legends

It's about time we spoke about who was the hottest female character on League of Legends. Worried who is our favourite? Thinking about your favourite League of Legends sex doll? Worry not, we have got you covered on both those fronts. Read on to know more. Ranked from the least to the hottest below, you will find a description of the 5 hottest female characters in League of Legends.

1.Morgana - The Fallen

You have heard of Morgana from League of Legends, right? If you haven't, you aren't a hardcore fan of League of Legends. She was presented on League of Legends almost 12 years ago. To date, Morgana is one of the most dependable mid-support champions in the League of Legends gameplay.

2.Fiora - The Grand Duelist

Okay, you have definitely heard of Fion (the Grand Duelist). She has definitely earned her spot on our top five League of Legends hottest characters (and League of Legends sex doll). She happens to be one of those topmost melee champions in our video game. She has rightly earned her place beside Irelia. She is the appointed of the Noble House of Damacia.

3.Jinx - The Loose Cannon

If you have ever played League of Legends, you have definitely come across Jinx or Evelynn. Jinx is the proverbial loose cannon. An extremely good shot, she is an extremely beautiful character with alluring story arcs. Compared her to Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad? Yep, you aren't the first one to do that.

4.Kindred - The Eternal Hunters

Kindred is featured as an anthropomorphic character resembling an animal in League of Legends. She was a bit late to the part, featuring in the gameplay around 2015. She was one of the star picks of our generation and a true 'Champion'. She possessed a marksman skillset.

5.Ahri - The Nine-Tailed Fox

If you are one of those people who know Ahri from Realdollshub, you need no further introduction. For those who don't, Ahri is the legendary nine-tailed fox from League of Legends. Released in 2011, Ahri is a Vastaya from the line of Iona. She feeds like a parasite on your memories or emotions. The Ahri sex doll sells like hotcakes on Realdollshub.

League of Legends sex doll (Cosplay Sex Doll/Life Size Figure)

Coming to the most attractive part of our piece - the League of Legends sex dolls. Read on to know more about the different League of Legends sex dolls you can buy from Realdollshub. Fair warning, your bank balance might take a hit after reading our reviews of the different League of Legends sex dolls.
Seraphine Sex Doll

Seraphine Sex Doll- Manufactured by the famous Starpery Doll. A long pink hair has attracted countless fans! The Seraphine sex doll measures almost 163 cm in length. The Seraphine sex doll can be customised with different eye colours. You can even customise the breast type on yourfavourite Seraphine sex doll. If you want to hear your Seraphine sex doll moan, be prepared to shell out some extra bucks. The standard Seraphine sex doll's body is made from medical-grade TPE material that feels really soft to touch and a regular silicone head. Of course, if you are a player who pursues realism and wants to make her have visible blood vessels, skin texture, freckles and other details, then don't hesitate to click on the "upgrade to silicone body" bottom! Finally, you will receive a fully silicone high-end Seraphine doll.

Ahri Sex Doll
Ahri Sex Doll - The Ahri sex doll is one of the hottest League of Legends sex dolls out there. You should definitely check out the Ahri sex doll. Like Seraphine Doll, it comes standard with a TPE body and silicone head. Also manufactured by the famous Starpery Doll. Ahri Doll measuring 171cm in height, features an immersive variety of upgradeable features like skin colour and silicone body. Your favourite Ahri sex doll can sport your favourite wigg too. Choose implanted hair for your Ahri sex doll if you want or opt for hyper-real body painting on your Ahri sex doll. Who doesn't want to have a charming little fox? She will be your best bed partner!
Evelynn Sex Doll
Evelynn Sex Doll - The Evelynn sex doll is yet another League of Legends sex doll available on Realdollshub. Manufactured by the new high-end TPE doll brand Funwest Doll. The height of your Eveylnn sex doll is almost 155cm. The Evelynn sex doll is made from medical-grade TPE, so no chance of causing irritation. Opt for the built-in tongue on your Evelynn sex doll, if you want to get maximum pleasure. The model in the picture has chosen brownish skin, if you want to restore the skin color of the game character 1:1. Then I suggest you choose "white skin" which will make your Evelynn more realistic and restore it!
Jinx Sex Doll
●Jinx Sex Doll- Jinx sex doll is the latest high-end TPE Cosplay doll launched by Funwest Doll in the Black Friday promotion. This is definitely a big hit, because her blue twin ponytail hair and mischievous and villainous personality make her countless fans in League of Legends, and is one of the favorites of many players! Don't worry if you say you can't braid it because it's just her wig. If you like you can change her into a different style in anytime you want. This is also one of the joys of a love doll. The 159cm/5ft2 Jinx love doll is made of high-end medical-grade TPE material, with a built-in EVO metal skeleton and finger bones. You can easily perform various actions such as holding her shark bazooka to launch love missiles at you! As a fan, hurry up and collect her right now! Whether it is used on the bed or simply for cosplay photos, she will always be your best choice!
Vi Sex Doll

●Vi Sex Doll- Vi sex doll is a high-end TPE doll launched by Funwest Doll at the same time with the Jinx sex doll. But unlike Jinx, Vi sex doll has a body size of 157cm/5ft2, which is a little shorter than Jinx sex doll, but she has a bigger butt! Who can say no to a spanking Vi with a hot body? The red hair and the symbol on the face perfectly reproduce Vi's fiery temper in the game! Hurry up and train this beauty with big ass~

(PS: Realdollshub is the official authorized agent of the cosplay dolls and brands above so don't worry at all about buying fakes. If you want the same cosplay costume as the model, you will only need to click on the cosplay costume and add to the shopping cart. We guarantee that the doll you receive is exactly the same as the model! Worldwide free shipping, and discreet packaging are available.)

Perks of owning a League of Legends sex doll

The perks of owning lol sex dolls are unmatchable -
  • No need of having a partner- That's right, you don't need a partner anymore to be intimate. Prepare to be blown away by the sex Evelynn sex doll or Seraphine sex doll.
  • A fun partner to have around- Tired of having your same old nagging partner around? Worry not, now you can have a League of Legends sex doll as your partner. Get complete intimacy without any expectations from your sex doll.
  • Use it for cosplay- Yes, you can use your favourite sex doll from League of Legends as a cosplay participant. Dress up as your favourite character from League of Legends and cosplay with your Seraphine sex doll as you please. It is built for maximum pleasure.
  • Play games or just hang out- You can just normally chill with your favourite sex doll if you please. Watch your favourite game of basketball with a six-pack with your sex doll.

Best place to buy League of Legends Sex Dolls

The best place to buy your favourite League of Legends sex doll is from Realdollshub. They are a verified and trusted retailer of League of Legends sex dolls, and they offer free shipping too on all products. The League of Legends line of sex dolls retails for around$1500 - $1600 on Realdollshub. Go ahead and buy the different sex dolls on Realdollshub.

My favourite League of Legends sex doll

Believe me, choosing my favourite lol sex doll was a tough choice. Honestly, League of Legends has to be one the most favourite video games ever. I was torn between choosing the Seraphine sex doll and the Ahri sex doll. But theAhri love dollemerges as the winner. With great features that can be customised to your preferences and a sexy figure, this sex doll is my favourite from this line of sex dolls.


If you have been thinking about exploring your kinky side with sex dolls, I would suggest this is the time to do it. Sex dolls are the new thing in the adult toys world now. You need to have a good sex doll to take care of your sexual needs. Vibrators and masturbators are a thing of the past. Form a special bond with your favourite video game character and fulfil all your special needs.

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