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Sex Dolls x Asia; A Unique Love Story!

Nov 30, 2022


  1. Intro
  2. Why are Sex Dolls So Popular among Men in China?
  3. 7 reasons why Japanese sex dolls are popular
  4. 3 reasons to buy an Asian sex doll if you're non-Asian!
  5. Top 5 Japanese Sex Doll trending this year
  6. Best place to buy Asian sex dolls
  7. My favorite Asian sex doll
  8. Conclusion


If by any chance you are an Asian, you are going to love this article. If you aren't, go through this because we can guarantee that the contents of this article are really exciting. Asia has a number of developing and developed economies with a huge populations who were hit hard by the pandemic. However, it led to an increase in the sales of sex dolls, especially Asian sex dolls and Japanese sex dolls. If you are one of those people who has already bought an Asian sex doll or a Japanese sex doll, chances are your interest will be piqued by the contents of our article. Read more about your favorite Japanese sex doll or Asian sex doll. Know about the new innovations and technologies that make your favorite Japanese sex doll or Asian sex doll hyperrealistic and sexy.

Photo Credit: 龙卷三文鱼

With the entry of customizable and sexy dolls in the market, having sex has become really easy. You can log on to Realdollshub and buy your favorite Asian sex doll or Japanese sex doll right from the comfort of your home. Below are a few reasons why sex dolls are so popular among Chinese men:

●One-Child policy - The Chinese government has a one-child policy that it instituted in the 1980s to arrest the growing population of China. As a result, men in China have started looking for alternate avenues of sexual pleasure. They have started buying Asian sex dolls to fulfill their sexual needs. Asian sex dolls provide the same pleasure as your partner, with the added feature that you cannot accidentally fertilize them. ●Gender imbalance - Another reason behind the rising popularity of Asian sex dolls in China is their sex ratio. Simply put, they have more than 110 men for every 100 girls in China. Thus, it is difficult for Chinese men to find sexual partners in China. They resort to making love to Asian sex dolls or Japanese sex dolls in the absence of women. ●Intense sexual drive - Let's face it, Asians can be really kinky and imaginative when it comes to sex. After all, we invented Kamasutra. Japanese sex dolls or Asian sex dolls fulfill all your weird and kinky sexual needs and desires, without you having to cheat on your partner or spouse.

●Comfort sex - We all know what happens when you get comfortable with your favorite Asian sex doll or Japanese sex doll. You simply cannot put it down. The plethora of features like silicone breasts, beautiful eyes, and blonde looks make your Japanese sex dolls all the more desirable.

Photo Credit: 龙卷三文鱼

Japan is one of those few countries where sex dolls are legal. You can buy your favourite Asian sex doll or Japanese sex doll in Japan without being disturbed by anybody. Sex dolls in Japan are highly developed and the industry is really booming. Japanese men have increasingly turned to Japanese sex dolls and Asian sex dolls for fulfilling their sexual desires. There are many reasons why Japanese sex dolls are so popular right now -

  • ●Distinct facial features - Japanese sex dolls have been known to have very realistic and distinct sexual features. To be honest, the Japanese sex doll I own is really cute and I wouldn't part with it for the world.
  • ●They are really attractive - Ever fantasised about doing it with your favourite anime character? Japanese sex dolls also include anime sex dolls with really attractive features that make you fall in love with them at first sight. Make love to your favourite Asian sex doll from Realdollshub, as much as you want. 
  • ●They have seductive features - Asian sex dolls (especially Japanese sex dolls available on Realdollshub), sport really seductive features. You can opt for realistic boobs on your sex dolls and three orifices to put your penis in. Penetrative sex just got better with Japanese sex dolls. 
  • ●They are really lovely to look at - Your favourite Japanese sex doll is very lovely to look at, which makes them really popular in the market. Hop on to Realdollshub and look at the different Japanese sex dolls available there just to get an idea about how pretty they are. 
  • ●Japanese sex dolls are really affordable - Worried about how much you need to loosen your purse strings to buy your favourite Japanese sex doll or Asian sex doll? Worry not, because these dolls are super affordable. You can buy them at really affordable prices from Realdollshub.
  • ●The eyes Chico - You have definitely got to love the eyes that are there on your favourite Japanese sex doll or Asian sex doll. Japanese or Asian women have really pretty and mesmerising eyes that are enough to fall in love at first sight. ●They are customisable - If you have bought an Asian sex doll or Japanese sex doll from Realdollshub, you already know about the customisable features on your doll. For the uninitiated, you can opt for transplanted hair, realistic skin and multiple orifices on your favourite Japanese sex dolls.

3 reasons to buy an Asian sex doll if you're non-Asian!

If you aren't an Asian, it is all the more fun and exciting to buy an Asian sex doll. Read on to know why! ●They are really exotic - Have you always wanted to make love to Asian women? Given that they are pretty exotic, I wouldn't be surprised if you wanted to. Owning an exotic Asian sex doll is the next best thing to making love to an Asian woman. ●It's safer than casual sex - Yep, you read it right. Making love for an Asian sex doll is way safer than having casual sex with real people. You do not run the risk of getting STDs and other infections while making love to your sex doll. ●Fulfill all your hidden fantasies - Fulfilling your hidden desires and fantasies has never been easier. You get to do it all without any worries since it is an artificial doll.

Top 1: Tifa Sex Doll - This beautiful realistic Tifa silicone sex doll's design inspiration comes from the heroine Tifa Lockhart in the classic video game [Final Fantasy]. Game Lady Doll almost restores this goddess-level classic female character one by one and brings it to the real world! She comes with super realistic detailing. Such as visible skin texture, pores, and veins. The Life-size Tifa sex doll has alloy skeleton allow you to pose her in any way you like! Beside, Tifa sex doll has soft silicone breasts and plump butt that just touch like a real person. In short, no matter for collection, photography or sexual use. Game Lady's Tifa real doll will bring you the perfect experience! This realistic sex doll from Realdollshub measures 167cm in height. It has got a lot of customizable features size and color of the areola, vagina type, and implanted pubic hair. You can even customize the head on this game lady doll. Built to last, this sex doll retails for $2799 on Realdollshub.


>Top 2: Amy Sex Doll - An incredibly detailed and hot sex doll, this one retails for almost $2249 on Realdollshub. It is made from Silicone and features customizable hairstyles, eye color, fingernail color, and toe color. Opt for the smart body heating or moaning functions if you want to. Her huge breasts are your warm haven, healing your body and mind.


>Top 3: Mia Sex Doll - This sex doll sells like hot pancakes on Realdollshub. It is made of medical-grade silicone. Under her snow-white skin hides a pair of huge breasts and a bouncy ass! If you are a BBW lover, you must not miss the Mia silicone doll from Irontech. Featuring customizable eyes, hair, boobs, etc., this sex doll measures 160cm in length. You can even opt for different colored fingernails, and body colors for your Mia sex doll. It currently retails for $2498 on the seller's website.

>Top 4: Zenaide Sex Doll

- Zenaide belongs to the latest Inspiration series from ZELEX Doll. She has full expandable jaws and a soft mouth structure, perfect for oral sex. Especially her orgasmic face, just looking at her makes your blood boil! Besides that, she also has several other revolutionary features like jelly ass, fully removable vagina, firm body detail makeup, and more. More details are waiting for you to discover by yourself! She is yet another extremely sexy sex doll available on Realdollshub. It retails for around $2149. It is made of silicone, so you won't get any rashes or irritation from having sex with this doll. You can customize the wig, toenail, fingernail, and labia color on this doll.


>Top 5: Ahri Sex Doll - This is modeled after Ahri, a 'champion' from League of Legends. Ahri is definitely the female game character you are most familiar with, if you are a player or fan of League of Legends. She is the dream girl and fantasy object of countless game fans. You can finally make Ahri your girlfriend! Starpery Doll brings her to life, she is the most realistic and beautiful Ahri cosplay doll on the market. It measures 171cm in length and will arouse you surely when you spot it for the first time. Like the others, this one too is made from silicone so you do not need to worry about rashes and irritations. Collect Ahri real doll now!

Best place to buy Asian sex dolls

I have been purchasing sex dolls like crazy ever since they came out. If you want to own any sex doll, be it an Asian or Japanese sex doll, Realdollshub is the place you should buy your sex doll from. From anime sex dolls to League of Legends sex dolls, they have it all. They even offer free shipping on almost all sex dolls.

My favorite Asian sex doll

If you were to ask me which one is my favorite sex doll, I would be really confused. Honestly, after all the years of using sex dolls, I cannot seem to decide on my favorite one. However, I would choose the Seraphine sex doll, if a gun was held to my head. It is really sexy and a pleasure for your eyes. With a customizable head and body heating feature, it has to be the Seraphine sex doll. It even has a moaning feature if that turns you on.


In all my years of using various sex dolls, I have fantasized about Asian women the most. So yes, I am naturally fond of Asian sex dolls and their sexy, minx-like features. If you fantasize about Asian women too and want to have some kinky sex, get an Asian sex doll to make your dreams come true. Realdollshub is the place where you should look for your favorite Asian sex doll. Sex Dolls x Asia; A unique love story!

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