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Mid-September: Game Lady Releases The Latest Lightning Doll & New Doll News

Sep 12, 2023

As the weather gets cooler, we seem to be feeling the lingering heat of summer. At the same time, the sex doll industry is showing a completely different trend and is gradually heating up. This week, various brands have released the latest news and a large number of anticipated new sex doll photos for everyone to read and enjoy. Not only do they cover a variety of materials such as TPE, silicone, and hybrid dolls, but these brand-new dolls all exude a charming Amazing charm, not to be missed. Without further ado, let’s explore the eye-catching new developments in the sex doll industry this week!

Game Lady Doll

I believe everyone must know about Game Lady. They have released 4 new heads and a new body before, but this has proved that Game Lady is slowly regaining its vitality! And this week, a big piece of news was released - the latest new game girl character Lady No.19, inspired by the character Lightning in "Final Fantasy XIII". Please read on!

"Final Fantasy XIII" is a role-playing game developed by Square Enix and first released in 2009. This game has received love and support from many people, and Lightning is one of the game characters. She is a powerful warrior known for her ruthlessness and strength. Her perseverance, pursuit of justice, and excellent fighting skills are destined to make this character a popular figure among the public.
Game Lady reproduces it perfectly. As shown in her figure, her tall figure and huge breasts are a bit surprising. Game Lady perfectly reproduces the hot female character of Lightning, with pink hair that is eye-catching. A series of realistic expressions and movements speak volumes. For those who have a collecting habit, Lightning Sex Doll is another option not to be missed.

Jiusheng Doll

As a veteran player in the sex doll industry, Jiu Sheng released an amazing new doll this week - the Asian silicone sex doll Arisa, with a brand new 165cm silicone body full of exotic style. I have to say that Arisa’s small face and mouth are very distinctive, making her look super attractive.

Piper Doll

Everyone from Piper knows that the head and body of their sex dolls are connected together, which is very convenient. Of course, Piper also released two new dolls this week. They are silicone dolls 155cm Eimi and 150cm Mai. As little sex dolls, they look very delicate and cute, and their fair skin and childish facial features make them extremely protective. Still, they were plump and curvy. For those who prefer fair and skinny teenagers, this is perfect!

SE Doll

SE is always eye-catching, and the newly released Asian big-breasted sex doll Winola. B looks very charming, with individual white short hair and elegant green pupils, a bit like a well-behaved kitten. The soft TPE material is more soft and lifelike, and her huge breasts are the best proof. To be honest, I can't say no to Winola. B.

Irontech Doll

Irontech showed off three new all-silicone sex dolls this week: gay sex doll Kalilah, realistic Asian sex doll Xia, and Asian sex doll Xiamara. There are three different styles of dolls, but they are all equally sexy and attractive, especially Xiamara. Her innocent expression makes people want to interact closely with her right away. I think her breasts should be very soft to lick. In addition, four new sex dolls have also been released and upgraded. They are also stunning, with slim and plump figures, but a very cute face and plump lips. This contrast is really surprising and irresistible.

Well, that wraps up this week’s news! Even though there isn't a lot of content released, there are still some delightful new sex dolls for everyone to look at and choose from. Not only does it present a new gallery of new dolls to you, but it also releases some latest news. In addition, this week's Game Lady sex doll Thunder is very exciting. As always, stay tuned to Realdollshub for more news related to sex dolls.

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