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The September Sale Starts! New Sex Dolls & Promotions Released!

Sep 4, 2023

August is over, and new news for the first week of September has arrived. This week, many sex doll brands have successively released their latest sex dolls and photo collections. Among them, Irontech has released new doll photos and updated a new genital clip-sucking video, and many brands have launched the latest sex doll promotions in September. Without further ado, let's browse this week's news with us.


Irontech released a new set of pictures this week and released a new silicone 169cm body, with a new S39 Layla head, and a new lower body clip suction video for you to watch. Small boobed sex doll River, Asian big boobed sex doll Lynlee, big boobed sex doll Leni all look pretty good, if you like sexy bronzed beach babes then you've come to the right place.

In addition, Irontech also released three sets of new silicone doll photo collections this week, whether it is sweet and pure Japanese preppy avatars or hot European and American mature beauty avatars. But they all have one thing in common, they all have a soft and lifelike touch, and they all look amazing. Can anyone say no to that?

Doll Castle

Doll Castle updated a very special collection of sex doll photos this week, the new series of red-skinned aliens. It is a very special and alternative style of sex doll, the visual impact is straight to the forehead, but it will definitely be eager to bring her home for those who like to hunt for novelty. For those who like to explore new things, alien sex dolls are really hard to say no to.

Fun West Doll

FunWest Doll has added a new TPE doll, a very cool female sheriff! Her huge exposed breasts and hot and sexy body curves are her charm. The action of holding a small whip in her hand really makes people want to have a close interaction with her! Her ass should feel as soft as her gigantic boobs, want to give it a try? In addition, FunWestDoll has the following promotions this week:
Free Articulated Fingers
Free Built-in Tongue
Free EVO Skeleton
Free Gel Filled Breasts
Free Random Wig*1


Starpery also did not hesitate to release a set of pictures of new dolls full of flavor. Mini BBW sex doll Zoey and hot blonde sex doll Monique and small boobs sex doll Hedy, Zoey is only 148cm but she has a mature face and huge boobs. I know the contrast is hard to resist.


SE is also amazing this week, with a new set of amazing new pictures, big boobs sex doll Regina, and tanned skin that exudes a healthy glow like after a sun bath, she has a perfect Asian face And an obvious and attractive vest line at the waist. in addition. SE also has the latest promotion in September, and friends who buy inventory dolls in the United States can also send an extra random second head! Plus these irresistible deals:

Custom Orders Free Upgrade Options:



ZELEX released a new set of maps this week, it looks very good, and the performance is as stable as ever. In addition, the difference between the September event launched by ZELEX this week and the August event is that the freckles are reduced for free, and an extra lace eye mask is given away!

Free Upgrade Options:

FREE Gelfilled Breasts*1
FREE Gel Buttock*1
FREE Movable Jaw*1
FREE Auto Sucking Vagina*1
FREE Human-Like Body Painting*1
FREE 2nd Head*1
FREE Pubic Hair*1
FREE Articulated Fingers Skeleton*1
FREE Standing Feet Without Bolts*1
FREE Lace Eye Mask*1

Game Lady

Game Lady launched a September promotion this week: Buy any customized Game Lady doll, and you can get a set of mouth-opening versions of King Ida's red costume, if you are interested, you can hurry up! This is a very rare opportunity.
That's all the news for the first week of September! has released the latest real dolls from different brands, as well as two more exotic alien and zombie sex dolls. What's more, tons of free doll upgrade options are waiting for you. If you want to buy a realistic sex doll, act now! Please continue to follow us and stay tuned for the latest news in the next issue!

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