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Please Check! Sex Doll Customization Options and Upgrades

Dec 4, 2023

In the past few years, the field of adult products has embraced the waves of the times one after another. This also prompts the sex doll market to undergo continuous innovation, upgrading, and innovation, in order to inject new vitality into the industry, adapt to this new era, and provide a safe outlet for people's desires. Until now, sex dolls are no longer a taboo topic. Many people learn about them through the Internet and take them home. We have witnessed the joy of doll owners on many social platforms. But buying a life-size sex doll is not a substitute for interacting with a real person, nor is it a gateway to completely abandoning reality. Rather, it is an additional option that can solve your problem promptly when necessary. For example, long-term singles, people suffering from mental illness, and when you and your partner need to add some excitement to your sex life. Silicone dolls are an option worth considering, offering people a wider range of possibilities and a uniquely stimulating intimate experience. To a certain extent, these silicone dolls are not only leaders in the field of adult products but also perfect companions to meet people's emotional and psychological needs. Each silicone doll has a unique appearance and realistic touch, just like a real person. In the past, it was difficult for people to imagine that today's real partners could be replaced by other means, but the continuous development of modern technology is subverting this concept. They become part of the realm of human relationships, opening a whole new door for those seeking unique experiences and novel ways of communicating. And, it also comes with many new customization and upgrade options to get a more perfect partner. Read on to learn more about these amazing custom upgrade options!

Can All Sex Dolls be Customized?

Yes, customization options are available on almost all sex dolls. You can choose an alluring look for your partner based on your needs and preferences. Please note that the dolls in stock do not currently accept customization options, but they are more affordable than other dolls and can be delivered to you faster, in about 2-3 days. This is a pretty good choice for those who have limited budgets and difficult choices, as well as those who are in a hurry.

Can I Customize My Eye Color?

Sure! We all know that when interacting with people, we always have to look away. This is also crucial when it comes to sex dolls, which require extra care when customizing, which can also affect the overall appeal and experience of the doll. Therefore, different doll manufacturers offer a variety of eye color customization options for the sex dolls they make, covering a rich range of colors such as blue, red, black, brown, purple, etc., which you can choose completely according to your style preferences so that you can get a lovely and attractive partner.

What are Hollow Breasts? Gel Breast? Solid Breasts? What's the Difference?

Hollow Breasts: Softness and comfort are synonymous with them. Because they are filled with air but really comfortable to knead, many big-breasted sex dolls opt for hollow breasts. This not only provides an excellent feel but also provides a more realistic experience.
Gel Breasts: Provide an excellent visual experience and rock attractively. When you actually own a sex doll and interact intimately with it, you will experience richer feelings. This should be the latest material currently...
Solid Breasts: Solid breasts are also known as standard breasts and they are made from high-quality TPE or silicone material. These breasts are firm and perky, but this is more suitable for smaller-breasted sex dolls, but that doesn't stop them from being some of the most popular breasts around.
(Different sex doll manufacturers may have some subtle differences, please consult customer service before purchasing!)

What is the Difference Between a Fixed Vagina and a Replaceable Vagina, Which One Should I Choose?

When you decide to buy a sex doll, you may be faced with a little dilemma: Is it better to choose a built-in vagina or a replaceable vagina? This choice will play a key role in your love doll purchasing process. The built-in vagina is modeled after the sounds of real women, just like a real woman's vagina built into a love doll.
Fixed vagina: Also known as a "built-in vagina", it looks better when the doll's legs are spread out. The vaginal retainer has the same ribbing pattern on the inside of the vagina as the inside of the insert. When you want to have an intimate interaction you will find that the two feel basically the same, except that the fixed vagina cannot be taken out and rinsed in the sink.
Replaceable vagina: It is a sleeve that can be inserted and removed from the love doll and is held in place by the labia. A replaceable vagina means you can place one of these items inside the sex doll’s vagina. When you turn it over, you can see that it's ribbed, to make it feel better.
The difference: the replaceable vagina allows you to disassemble it for easier cleaning. This cannot be achieved by fixing the vagina.

How to Clean a Replaceable Vagina?

First, remove the replaceable vagina and wash your vagina thoroughly in the sink with warm water and a mild detergent. Make sure the holes are cleaned and disinfected regularly to prevent bacterial growth. This is a critical step in maintaining a sense of authenticity and protecting personal hygiene.

How to Install a Vaginal Insert in a Sex Doll?

Step one: wash your hands. And use disposable gloves for vaginal insertion. This is the way to eliminate all diseases.
Step 2: Installation. The doll's legs can be spread apart to enlarge the vaginal opening. Or lay your sex doll flat on a blanket, gently lift her legs to a 90-degree angle, and spread her legs.
Apply talcum powder to your doll's vaginal opening and removable vaginal area. Complete installation of the vaginal insert.
Step 3: Fully insert. Open the doll's vaginal cavity, fully insert the removable vagina, and then confirm that it remains in the original position to ensure proper installation of the vagina.

Does it Support Standing Posture?

Yes, but it needs to be combined with more circumstances. In order for your love doll to stand upright, s/he needs to be bolted to the feet. Today, the latest technology allows some silicone sex dolls to stand upright without screws (only available on certain silicone doll brands). When purchasing, you need to consult the relevant brand customer service to help you make a wise decision.

Can the Breast Size be Adjusted?

Cannot. This is because sex doll models are made by injecting silicone or TPE into pre-made molds that cannot be reshaped, which ensures that the final result of the doll is perfect. But you can find the sex doll with the breast size you want according to the classification when choosing. For example, large-breasted sex dolls, medium-breasted sex dolls, small-breasted sex dolls, etc. You can always find a doll that matches your aesthetic!

Using a Sex Doll Without Lube?

Cannot. Due to the material of the doll, we must use lubricant when using the doll. Otherwise, this can cause serious damage to your doll. Resulting in an inability to maintain optimal performance and provide excellent service.

Can You Pt Makeup on a Sex Doll?

Generally not recommended. But if you're super persistent, we recommend re-doing your makeup yourself using regular, non-irritating drugstore cosmetics. And, it’s best to follow up with cleaning. You should know that before all dolls leave the factory, our professional makeup staff will customize exquisite makeup effects for them, and they will be retained permanently.

Which Should I Choose Between Silicone and TPE Dolls?

This can be decided based on your own budget. After all, both are very good choices, each with its own characteristics. If you have a lower budget, we recommend trying TPE love dolls first. If you are willing to spend more money on a very lifelike doll, go for a silicone doll. But if there simply aren’t any deal breakers for you, go for both!

What are Moaning and Body Heating Systems?

Moan: The sound system mounted on the back of the head (hidden under the wig) or between the shoulder blades on the back is powered by a built-in battery that can be charged via an adapter from a wall outlet, similar to how a cell phone is charged. The ability to respond with pleasurable moans when you interact intimately with the doll enhances the overall experience.
Body Heating System: This device is a heater that sits under the sex doll’s skin and needs to be powered by a mains. When heating, the plug needs to be connected to the sex doll, and it usually takes about 40-60 minutes to complete the heating process. After being heated in this way, the sex doll can stay warm for 2-3 hours. Each manufacturer designs its own unique body heating system. Please consult and choose according to different brands. Heaters are usually placed only in core areas of the body, such as the torso and thighs, and sometimes the upper arms and calves. These areas have a thicker layer of TPE and silicone, like the thighs, buttocks, and breasts, so they heat up more slowly. Please use extreme caution to avoid injury to yourself or your doll.

Can the Color of a Sex Doll's Nails be Changed?

Yes, it's OK. But be careful not to get it on the doll's body during the process, which can cause them to get dirty. If this has happened, we recommend leaving it alone and letting it fade over time. It is recommended that you purchase a set of artificial nails and nail glue at the drug store and then reapply your nails. Please avoid using any chemical solvents to remove your nails, but you can try using a hair dryer and gently blow hot air!

Is There any Difference Between the Photo of the Doll and the Real Thing?

Almost nothing, what you see is what you get! When taking photos of your dolls, we try to capture their truest appearance to help you make an informed decision.

Can I Customize the Doll With Extra Heads?

Of course, you can, but please note that this option is not available for dolls with seamless neck designs. So please be careful when choosing.

What Options Are Included With a Sex Doll Order?

All sex doll orders will include your choice of body, head, wig, simple costume, gloves, USB heater (holes for the sex doll), and a blanket to wrap the sex doll for storage. Unfortunately, however, the sex doll cannot be ordered with the costume pictured. You can purchase additional accessories separately. Different sex doll websites offer many great costumes for you to choose from. Fortunately, Realdollshub has related services and provides you with after-sales guarantee services.

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