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Early December: New Sex Doll & Irontech Adds Oral Heating Function

Dec 6, 2023

It’s great to see you all again, the anticipated December has arrived! As November comes to an end, sex doll brands have set their sights on Christmas. It seems that this year's warm-up came in time, and many new silicone dolls were even unveiled a month in advance. This week many doll makers are sharing new winter Christmas dolls and limited-time promotions! At the same time, there is also a piece of very interesting news - Irontech has added an oral heating function, which is a good upgrade for the cold winter. While these dolls bring us into the joy of Christmas in the most charming way, they also help keep us warm through the cold nights. Come with us to see what new dolls and activities there are!

Irontech Doll

Irontech continues to amaze us, and we have seen their results countless times in the past. An amazing feature was released this week, oral heating. Compared with traditional silicone dolls, this not only provides warmth in winter but also provides another safe outlet for venting desires! For those looking for a more realistic experience, this is a compelling innovation that provides a new solution to personalized needs. It has four irresistible functions: movable jaw, complete soft mouth, realistic passage, and oral heating. It can be seen that Irontech has been committed to integrating the latest technology into our real life, providing more rich experiences and choices. This new oral heating function is not only a technological advancement, but also care for emotional needs and warm experience. The birth of this feature once again proves that Irontech continues to surpass the limits and continues to meet our desires and needs for more. In addition, Irontech has also released four latest sex dolls - Celebrity Sex Doll Celine, a character with a sense of future technology, with a cold face and attractive clothes; Asian Sex Doll Lois and Asian Sex Doll Hilda are very mature dolls. Sisterly style, very sexy! Small Boobs Sex Doll Cassia is a great choice for those who love small boobs. It can be seen that Irontech is full of sincerity this week! But please note: Currently, the ROS head types are only S1.S17.S18.S20.S26.S29.S37.S40.

FunWest Doll

It feels like they haven't released anything new for a long time, and this week they finally got some news. Two beautiful sex dolls have been released to welcome the upcoming Christmas. They are Asian Big Boobs Sex Doll Amy, height 157cm/5ft2; Christmas Sex Doll Bella, height 155cm/5ft1. Their faces retain their usual style, but there are some noticeable changes in their clothing. Bella, in particular, is full of a festive atmosphere and looks as cute and attractive as a Christmas elf. If you want to spend Christmas with her, it is recommended to buy it in advance!

Zelex Doll

Zelex launched three new attractive models this week. They are Tallest Sex Doll Calla, height 172cm/5ft6; Hot Blonde Sex Doll Carmen, height 172cm/5ft6; Blonde Sex Doll Callie, height 172cm/5ft6. It is still the SLE series of silicone dolls. Whether you are in love with the tall and delicate charm, are endlessly obsessed with sexy blonde hair, or prefer the sultry charm of sexy blonde hair, they can satisfy your desires and fantasies. And, with lifelike, delicate skin and an incredibly realistic touch, it’s definitely the perfect companion.

WM Doll

The Christmas atmosphere seems to have gradually spread, and WM once again brings you two exciting Christmas-themed dolls at this joyful moment! They are Christmas Sex Doll Clover and BBW Sex Doll Clio. Although they wear different clothes, they all have the same charm! Whether it's Clover's gorgeous Christmas decorations or the warmth and affinity exuded by Clio, people can feel the magic of this special holiday. If you're looking for the perfect holiday gift, this is sure to surprise you!

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SE Doll

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Game Lady Doll

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Well, that wraps up this week’s news! We are seeing a lot of dolls for Christmas and the latest limited-time promotions. Irontech, in particular, not only brings us many good-looking silicone dolls but also releases an amazing oral heating function. You can imagine what a wonderful experience this innovative heating function will bring to users! These eye-catching new Christmas products and offers have us excited, as if Santa Claus is sending us early gifts! Please continue to follow us to bring you the latest sex doll consultation. . .

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