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Please Click! Complete Guide on How to Clean Your Sex Doll

Dec 13, 2023

Although we have occasionally mentioned the precautions on how to clean sex dolls before, this is the first time that we have introduced it to you in detail. As we all know, the sex doll market today has become very rich! Not only the changes and upgrades in style but also the continuous improvement of materials. Let us see the efforts and continuous innovation of various sex doll brands from silicone doll, providing users with a more realistic, comfortable, and safe experience! At the same time, it also brings a lot of vitality and vitality to the field of adult products, allowing people to enjoy a unique pleasure experience in a private space! When we face these different types of silicone dolls, how to properly clean and maintain them is also crucial. Understanding these key steps will not only ensure that your sex doll remains in tip-top shape but will also extend its lifespan and provide a more pleasurable experience. It can bring you more diverse experiences and unique and excellent sexual feelings! Therefore, in this article, we will introduce you to these important steps and correct measures in detail to ensure that the doll can maintain its best condition and provide you with long-term companionship and support!

Why Should You Wash Your Sex Doll Often?

Cleaning your sex doll regularly is not only responsible for the doll but also for your own body. Be sure to do the relevant cleaning work after use to ensure that the doll maintains its best condition and excellent feeling. Regarding why you should clean your sex doll frequently, we will list the following instructions for you to help you care for your sex doll correctly.
Prevent the growth of bacteria: The deep and moist parts of sex dolls are breeding grounds for bacteria. Especially after the doll's vagina is used, a large amount of love fluid and some human secretions will remain. If it cannot be cleaned in time, it will not only produce odor but also affect the user experience. Also, these areas allow bacteria to multiply and spread to you and your partner, potentially causing physical consequences. Therefore, only timely cleaning can ensure that the doll maintains its best condition and protects your health! Please clean it promptly after use!
Possibility of damaging the structure of the doll: Bacteria can not only affect your health but also damage the structure of the sex doll. Since the inside of the sex doll's body and vagina adopt some special structures and designs, parts may be damaged if not cleaned in time. As a result, the entire body of the doll is destroyed, reducing its service life and the time it takes to maintain its beauty. If you don’t want your money to be wasted in a short period, we highly recommend cleaning it in time to ensure that the doll continues to maintain its excellent appearance and lifespan!
Decreased quality of experience: You may experience discomfort while using a real doll if it is not kept clean. Allowing secretions to block the vagina for a long time will cause internal damage to the doll's body. Additionally, it can affect the pleasure and comfort of sexual intercourse, making the overall experience boring and uncomfortable. Even if it is not used for a long time, we must maintain the doll regularly. In this way, you can maintain the excellent appearance of the doll and provide a long-lasting and comfortable sex experience!
Extend the life of your sex doll: Cleaning your sex doll is a crucial step, and extending its life is the key! Proper cleaning and maintenance not only contribute to your health and comfort, ensure a good sexual experience and safety, but most importantly extend the life of your sex doll. By caring for your life-like sex doll, you are also caring for yourself, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction it brings over the long term.

What Do I Need to Prepare Before Cleaning My Sex Doll?

Warm water and a soft towel: Have warm water and a soft towel ready before you're ready to wash your doll! Because microfiber cloths are great for basic cleaning of your sex doll. If you want to bathe or bathe with her, please pay attention to whether your doll's feet can stand on it. But we do not recommend that you bathe with your doll frequently because of the metal supports inside the doll's body. During this process, the doll's body may be soaked with water, causing the doll's internal body to be damaged!
Mild Soap: Cleaning with a mild soap is sufficient. You can also use an intimate lotion on your doll's private areas. This is also very friendly and safe for your private area. You can remove stubborn dirt with our special stain remover, which you can order with your doll. Please avoid using caustic cleaners as they can attack the doll's body!
Private Shower/Douche: You can order a private shower/douche for your doll to clean the private parts of your sex doll's body, such as the vagina, etc. To do this, rinse the area in question several times with warm water and mild soap until the doll's body is completely clean. Then please dry your doll completely with a microfiber cloth, or place it in a cool, dry place to wait for the moisture from the doll's body to evaporate!
Disinfectant: Wait for the doll's body to dry completely, and then use a toy cleaner to spray the sex doll's vagina or other desired exits. This is antibacterial and keeps your sex doll clean and looking great even when not used for long periods. Since toy cleaners have been tested for use with sex toys, you don't have to worry about your silicone doll materials or your health.

How to Clean a Sex Doll?

  • Using a mixture of regular antibacterial soap and warm water, gently massage the doll's skin with your hands, or tap it with a clean sponge, just as carefully as we wash our bodies, or more gently. This allows the doll to provide you with an unparalleled experience and excellent appearance for a long time! If timely cleaning is not possible, we recommend cleaning your doll once every 2-4 weeks no matter what!
  • When cleaning the doll, make sure not to let the neck or head get too wet to avoid rust on the metal parts, which will reduce the lifespan of the doll! You can reduce this concern if you choose a sex doll with a seamless neck. If you accidentally get a metal part wet during this process, be sure to dry it immediately to prevent rust. Please take care of your doll, she will provide you with constant companionship just like your companion!
  • Do not use any scrub soap or other general cleaning products to avoid damaging the doll’s material. And, it may even cause the doll to lose its realistic appearance. When cleaning, be sure to avoid the use of such products, so as not to affect the body details and color of the doll, maintaining its lifelike appearance. To keep your beloved doll always glowing with its unique charm, please choose the right products to maintain her! Read on for some considerations.

What Should I Pay Attention to During the Cleaning Process?

Avoid violent treatment of your doll: When cleaning the doll, be gentle and do not toss the doll over and over. To ensure that the doll's body and internal parts are not severely damaged.
Gently use a damp cloth: dab a mild cleanser onto the doll's surface, and avoid using cleaners that are too harsh or chemical. To ensure that the doll's body details remain consistently realistic and maintain an excellent appearance.
Avoid letting moisture enter the doll's body: When we clean a silicone doll with a separate head and body, we must be careful not to let moisture enter the doll's body. This will cause the doll's body to be damaged and reduce its service life. Therefore, great care should be taken when cleaning!
Dry your sex doll naturally: After cleaning your love doll, please refuse to expose it to the sun. It should be placed in a cool, ventilated place and allowed to dry naturally. For example, places like the balcony in the afternoon. . .
Storing your sex doll: You have many options when it comes to storing your sex doll. Sex doll storage boxes, cabinet hangers, original shipping boxes, storage bags, etc. can all help you store your dolls correctly. Please note that when storing, do not leave your doll wearing dark clothing for a long time. This will cause the real doll to become dirty and unable to maintain its excellent appearance. Therefore, please pay attention if you want your doll to always be as perfect as before.

In Conclusion

Want to know how to completely clean a sex doll? In this rich and diverse love doll market, a more realistic, comfortable, and safe experience is provided. Whether it's to maintain optimal conditions, extend service life, or ensure a comfortable experience, proper cleaning and maintenance procedures are crucial. Why do you need to clean your sex doll frequently? First of all, cleaning can prevent the growth of bacteria, ensure good health, and avoid the spread of odor and bacteria. Secondly, failure to clean may cause structural damage to the doll, affecting its appearance and lifespan. Reduced cleaning frequency may also affect the use experience and reduce comfort. Additionally, proper cleaning not only helps maintain health and comfort but also extends the life of your real doll. Not only that, we also learn from this article the preparations and precautions before cleaning a sex doll to help us take better care of our partners! At the same time, we also provide the best way to store sex dolls. We recommend that you purchase an exclusive doll storage box on Realdollshub to better store sex dolls and protect your privacy and security!

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