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The Latest Halloween Sex Doll & Limited Time Promotions

Nov 7, 2023

Another week has passed in the blink of an eye, a new week has arrived, and Halloween week has arrived as promised! Of course, the latest news about dolls is also indispensable. This week various top doll manufacturers have released a number of amazing sex dolls as well as limited-time Halloween sales. In this way, we provide richer choices and wonderful sexual experiences. No matter what style of silicone doll you prefer, you can find the most suitable partner for you. Especially for people with a crazy desire to explore, the content in this issue will definitely surprise and make you irresistible! Next, let’s browse with us what are the latest sex dolls and promotions this week~

Angel Kiss Doll

Angel Kiss has been very active this week, almost non-stop for several days, and it can be seen that they are full of sincerity. Not only have two new sex dolls been released, but they also provide more choices! It also brings a very strong visual impact. Look who they are - Halloween Demon Sex Doll Cosima, with the red and blue demon theme she looks very exotic here. As well as Realistic Asian Sex Doll Keziah, her facial makeup and costumes are also very interesting and full of a festive atmosphere. What's more important is that they use a special integrated head-body design to provide more realistic vision and touch! Although Halloween has been over for a few days, the enthusiastic atmosphere has never diminished by half.

Fanreal Doll

Unexpectedly, Fanreal was also extremely excited this week, launching five new sex dolls, which is good news. At least in my opinion, it is! Among them, Celebrity Sex Doll Maria and Milf Sex Doll Eva are my two favorites. They are full of ladylike style and very seductive. In addition, there are three dolls available for viewing: Big Ass Milf Sex Doll Eva, Realistic Asian Sex Doll Qian, and Japanese Sex Doll Jia. They all have different styles, but they are all very realistic and charming. Unlike Angel Kiss, Fanreal doesn't seem to care too much whether the holidays are coming or going... And maintaining their consistent style, they offer a wide variety of Asian sex dolls, whether they are Asian or Western celebrities, you can always find a doll with a perfect face that matches today's Eastern aesthetic.


When we meet ZELEX again, we still seem to smell the scent of the SLE series of silicone dolls. This week they launched six new SLE series silicone dolls, and they seem to be more active than before! The 6 new dolls released this time look more beautiful than the previous ones, adding some special charm. Among them, Tallest Sex Doll Aphra is full of exotic style, and her sexy dark skin and long curly hair match perfectly. As you can see, the 172 body, this body is tall and thin. The breasts are relatively small, they look very suitable, the eyes are well proportioned, and the length is very cute.

Starpery Doll

Starpery has launched a special Halloween-style doll this week. Compared with other sex doll brands, this doll has a very strong visual impact! This comes on their third generation 163cm body with the release of a new head called Oksana which looks a bit provocative and she also wears a very interesting clown outfit. She also has a special nun outfit, which is a bit of a contrast, to be honest, but very challenging!

SE Doll

As usual, SE released two new sex dolls this week - Teen Sex Doll Skyler, 151cm/5ft tall, and Asian Sex Doll Yuuka, also 151cm/5ft tall. Very petite and cute, I feel there is no difference between their hairstyles, a bit like two girls! For players who like this style, these two models should be an irresistible choice. Moreover, the Christmas lingerie Yuuka is wearing looks playful and lively, and fits the festive atmosphere very well. You can take her home before Christmas, and you won’t have to worry about not having a partner when the day actually arrives!

Irontech Doll

Irontech only released a new sex doll this week, but the quality is very high and the facial characterization is spot-on. The red blood vessels around the eyes are clearly visible, and they are so densely packed that it feels like you are really seeing a lifelike human being. This does fit in perfectly with Halloween! Especially the perfect special effects makeup and costumes, which are reminiscent of various vampires, zombies, and other horrific scenes.

Latest Promotions

Before entering the cold winter, many sex doll brands have released a lot of promotions, taking the lead to bring warmth. Let’s take a look at what exciting activities there are!

Irontech Doll

The latest promotions in November:
Full silicone doll (above 140cm):
1 X Free second head
1 X Free Fixed Tongue
1 x Free Sway-Pivot Adapter
1 x free gel breast and gel police
1 X Free EVO Skeleton
1 X Free Realistic Body Painting
1 X free-standing feet, no bolts
1 X Free Mystery Bag
1 X Silicone head + TPE body (above 140cm)
1 X Free second TPE header
1 X Free Fixed Tongue
1 x Free Sway-Pivot Adapter
1 X Free Glue Breast Enlargement
1 X Free EVO Skeleton
1 X Free Realistic Body Painting
1 X Free Mystery Bag

MLW Doll

November activity plan: (Order date: November 1st - November 15th.)
Buy a full silicone doll:
1. Finger bones (free)
2. Nailless Stand (Free)
3. Soften the butt (free)

3. The second head (half-price)

This week we continue to see various brands with active legal entities, launching many exciting new sex dolls and limited-time promotions! There are not only Halloween cosplays and cute dolls but also many mature new faces. So far, this year’s Halloween special has been a success indeed, with many special experiences! So, that wraps up this week’s news. Please continue to follow us, we will bring you the latest news on new dolls and the latest promotions.

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