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Sex Doll Wigs: How to Choose Wigs the Right One?

Mar 6, 2023


  1. Wigs mainly have two types
  2. Wigs for sex dolls come in several types
  3. How do you put on a sex doll wig
  4. Cleaning the Wig for Sex Dolls - What Shampoo to Use
Wig for Sex Dolls

Is your sex life feeling boring and empty due to a lack of novelty? If so, investing in a sex doll is a good choice. And if you want to make your relationship last longer, decorating your sex doll with charming wigs is a smart decision. You may even fall in love with this activity!

If you know nothing about dressing up girls, don't worry, Realdollshub has got you covered with the ultimate wig guide. Whether you're looking for grey, dark brown, blonde, or any other color wig, or a wig with long hair, straight hair, curly hair, or cosplay style, we can help you achieve the look you want! We'll assist you in selecting the perfect wig and give you tips on how to care for it.

In general, for a full-body love doll, the head and body parts are produced separately and then assembled, as if they are being infused with a soul during the assembly process.

Wigs mainly have two types

Individual doll head without hair:TPE sex dolls and soft silicone dolls do not have implanted hair on their heads. They have skin as soft as a girl's, like Jinx Sex Doll. Usually, they are bald, and you can easily change any style you want by using wigs. When you buy a doll that comes with a wig, it will come with a custom-made wig that fits securely during any activity.

Sex Doll Head

Individual doll head with implanted hair: What is an implanted hair sex doll? The solid doll's head made of silicone can choose to implant hair. During the production of the head, human workers manually implant each hair into the scalp, a process that requires a lot of time and effort. Implanted hair sex dolls are almost indistinguishable from real girls and provide a more realistic intimate experience, like Yennefer, Jolyne, Tifa, Ahri sex dolls.

Wig for Sex Dolls

Wigs for sex dolls come in several types

  • Real human hair:

These wigs are made from real human hair. This may sound scary, but they are very realistic and feel no different from our daily hair. They provide a better visual experience and achieve your perfect bedroom fantasy. Therefore, I recommend that you buy real human hair wigs,This is a super high quality sex doll wig. But they need to be carefully maintained, and the price is relatively expensive.

Synthetic fiber: Made of synthetic fiber, it is divided into high-temperature silk, low-temperature silk, and protein silk. High-temperature silk is generally used for making curly hairstyles, and low-temperature silk is generally used for styling.Chemical fiber hair can be made in a variety of colors, and the length is not limited. Various hairstyles can be changed at will, etc., especially for anime cosplayers.
Wig for Sex Dolls

How do you put on a sex doll wig

  • Do not use glue to fix the wig of a sex doll because it may dirty her and may permanently fix the wig. Even if you try to remove it, be careful not to damage the doll's skin and scalp.
  • Do not use very tight elastic bands because if you use them for a long time, they will leave permanent marks on the soft skin of TPE dolls. You should choose standard sizes that match the head size.
  • Do not wear a dark-colored wig cap that fades. Be careful because they may leave nasty stains on your real doll's skin.

Cleaning the Wig for Sex Dolls - What Shampoo to Use

Cleaning a wig for sex dolls is a very complicated task. If you clean it without caution, the wig may get damaged. Here are some simple cleaning steps that you can follow:

  • First, we recommend soaking the wig in warm water for at least an hour.
  • Next, use any shampoo that you think is suitable for the wig. You can also use a conditioner to make the wig soft and beautiful, but this is a preference and not necessary.
  • After washing, hang the wig to dry. Do not rub it, use a soft towel to gently squeeze it until it is no longer dripping water.
Wig for Sex Dolls

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