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Embrace Temptation: Who Invented the Sex Doll?

Dec 8, 2023

Whenever we talk about sex doll, a visual feast always comes to mind! With the continuous development of modern society, we can see various styles and distinctive silicone dolls. In the past, sex toys seemed to have been hidden in dark corners, and they could only be caught in specialized adult product stores. But now, with the continuous development and coverage of the Internet, it is subverting people's cognition. These stunning silicone dolls are no longer a hidden secret and taboo! More and more sex doll manufacturers are getting on board, creating many amazing love dolls that offer more of an experience beyond reality. Whether they are Japanese and fresh, European and American classics, or exotic, a variety of sex dolls present unique charms, adding a different kind of color and fun to modern society. We get to experience endless fun and excitement! Despite this, many people still ask, who invented the real doll? What is the brief history of sex dolls? This article will answer these questions for you one by one! Read on as we dive deeper into the world of sex dolls!

Who Invented the Sex Doll?

Whenever we trace the origin of dolls, there is always a fascinating version that we will never forget. This is a legendary story involving a Dutch sailor and his wife. Rumor has it that the idea was pioneered by Dutch sailors in the 17th century. This is the first sex doll they created in order to find some companionship during the long lonely journey. They also used hand-sewn leather puppets to "relieve boredom" during the voyage. They also found some reasonable outlets for their loneliness and desires and experienced Surreal fun. Later, over time, these dolls were gradually introduced to Japan, where the sex industry developed, giving rise to the term "Dutch Wife" and becoming a synonym for sex dolls. We may have heard of these on many websites Whenever we ask about the origin, we always think of it unconsciously. Even now, Japan still refers to the most advanced realistic sex doll as "Dutch Wife". In 1968, the physical doll first appeared in a store for the public. magazine, when it became legal to sell such supplies through the post office. As time went on, the dolls became more and more lifelike, and new silicone and TPE materials paved the way to completely eliminate the need for humans. In the 21st century, Talking companion robots appear one after another, bringing "electronic emotions" to the forefront. Nowadays, from the original inflatable dolls to silicone dolls, physical dolls, and even super-realistic simulation dolls, super-realistic robots are more likely to be ushered in in future development. It can be seen that sex dolls play a very important role in the field of adult products. With the continuous development of technology, many people can learn about sex dolls through the Internet and even take them home. For many people, It is a very good choice. It not only saves a lot of time and energy but also prevents the occurrence of many infectious diseases.

A Brief History of Sex Dolls

17th century: Dutch sailors made sex dolls woven from cloth, rattan, and bamboo, and their hair was made of expensive silk. Although such a doll will not leak, it may spread sexually transmitted diseases through sharing.
World War II: Nazi Germany. It is said that Hitler wanted to satisfy the desires of soldiers and reduce the harm caused by the spread of sexually transmitted diseases to the army's combat effectiveness. A batch of inflatable dolls was specially ordered to be made according to the appearance of the actress to satisfy their desires. Unfortunately, before it could be sent to the front line, the production factory was bombed by the Royal Air Force and was completely destroyed.
After World War II: In order to prevent the team members who went to the Antarctic scientific expedition from "suffocating themselves", Japan also specially created the inflatable doll "Antarctic No. 1". During the Vietnam War, the U.S. military also provided this kind of benefit to its soldiers.
1990s: People began to use advanced medical non-toxic soft silicone to make inflatable dolls, making them feel closer to real people and providing more realism! Artist Matt McMullen has also developed a highly realistic female doll. In addition to its excellent appearance and skin texture, the interior of this doll can also be filled with a humanoid skeleton, which helps you unlock various positions with the doll in bed.
Early 21st century: China has relaxed its management of sex products, and Chinese people have had more opportunities to come into contact with high-end sex dolls that have been the result of hundreds of years of technology. Sex is finally no longer taboo.
After 2014: The Internet wave and the rise of e-commerce have further broadened the channels for people to purchase sex products. In 2014, Alibaba’s annual sex toy sales reached 2.4 billion yuan. After just a dozen years, the increasingly developed contemporary society has intensified people's isolation, but it has also provided people with sufficient substitutes. This has prompted the Chinese people to begin to awaken without hesitation in pleasing themselves.
Today: Love dolls have become an indispensable option in life, both for Chinese people and the world. We can see them in many places, not just for some people suffering from mental illness. This is also a great choice when you want to add excitement to your married life.

Who is Making Sex Dolls?

With the rapid development of the adult products field, the doll market has a place. Many sex doll manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon, offering many perfectly lifelike creations. Among them, China is the world's largest producer of adult products, accounting for 60%-80% of the global market, with a market size of 113.4 billion. It is also the largest exporter of physical dolls. There are more than 2,000 manufacturers of physical dolls, led by influential established manufacturers such as WM, and many real doll are produced by them. In addition, there are top sex dolls like ZELEX that inject new vitality and vitality into the market. Providing us with more rich choices and unique sexual experiences. These highly realistic sex dolls are not only lifelike in appearance but also exquisite in materials and craftsmanship. Their emergence not only meets the needs of the adult products market but also promotes the innovation and development of the industry to a certain extent. In the future, with the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous evolution of consumer needs, this field will continue to usher in more new possibilities and surprises, bringing people more abundant and personalized choices.

What Styles of Sex Dolls Are There?

With the continuous development and upgrading of the silicone doll market, many styles and types of sex dolls have emerged. Covering sexy and attractive big-breasted sex dolls and big-butt sex dolls; innocent and cute small-breasted sex dolls and Asian sex dolls; male sex dolls that satisfy unique desires and fantasies, and shemale sex dolls that transcend reality; as well as those loved by game fans Cosplay role play sex dolls and other unique dolls. No matter what style you like, you can find a partner that suits you in the huge doll market and experience a unique sexual experience. These dolls are not only sexual partners, but also vehicles for different roles and styles, allowing people to experience and explore unique sexual experiences. And, when you own a love doll of your own, it’s like owning a malleable work of art. You can choose different outfits for her to create a variety of looks and add different charm and appeal to her. The fun of this custom look is not only pleasurable, it also brings freshness and life to the real doll. In this diversified silicone doll market, you can feel endless fun and pleasure. Find more safe and secret outlets for your desires. These lifelike sex dolls are not just sexual partners, they can also establish an emotional connection. When you feel lonely, you can also confide in her to your heart's content! She won't leave you for any reason, and you never have to worry about her abandoning you!

Going Shopping For Your Doll?

The perception of silicone doll in the past has gone from being something that was considered secret and taboo to now becoming increasingly known due to the development of the Internet. Now it plays an important role in the field of adult products and has become an indispensable part. At the same time, we also learned about who invented silicone doll and how sex dolls were made and used in different historical periods. For example, during World War II, Nazi Germany made inflatable dolls to satisfy the desires of soldiers. Realistic sex doll are not just sex partners, they can also be used as a tool to display different roles and styles, providing people with personalized choices and experiences. Sex dolls have become a vital part of humanity. Especially for people with mental disabilities and singles, this is a perfect choice. It also provides options for people seeking passion and satisfaction. When you are no longer satisfied with your current couple's life, you might as well try adding a doll! Don't hesitate, click on Realdollshub now and choose your own sex doll. Looking for a different sexual experience and rich choices.

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