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How To Avoid Sex Doll Scams: A Real Case Sharing...

Aug 3, 2022
sex doll scam

According to our customer service team, there are many customers who like to take a sex doll website with a low price and question why the love doll price on is so high. As a professional and authorized sex doll vendor. This is one of the questions we meet the most and most distressing as well. The only thing we can say that is "you get what you pay for!" Because we have absolute confidence in our products and services! And the reason we wrote this article is super simple is just to let you avoid sex doll scammed, ripped off, and make sure every penny you spend is worthwhile!

First of all, we have to state that Realdollshub is a brand-authorized retailer focusing on sex dolls. We dare to promise that the dolls we sell are genuine sex dolls authorized by the manufacturer or the brand. And these brands are well-known brands in the sex doll industry. We will never sell counterfeit, inferior, or recycled sex dolls! According to our shopping & return policy, if you have any questions about the quality or authenticity of the dolls you purchased on our website, you can solve them through online or offline customer service. We will definitely give you a satisfactory solution. Whether you've heard of or not, long-term business is what we stand for! We firmly believe that only high-quality products and services can establish a good reputation.

In addition, you must know that because sex dolls are relatively private products, many doll lovers just place their orders directly without discussing them with others. Due to the lack of product knowledge and industry experience, countless doll lovers are deceived every year. So we decided to write this article (with a real case) as a reminder to all doll lovers, hoping to help you avoid sex doll scams and get your favorite actual real love doll.

A real case:

sex doll scam

Although this is a Japanese customer that we have been following for a long time, but maybe due to the product style, price, and other reasons, he bought a silicone head + TPE body hybrid doll on another unknown website. At first, we just wanted to see which doll he bought, but when we checked the website he gave us, we found out that there might be a suspicion of fraud. Because it can be clearly seen that the price of several WM Dolls is actually much lower than the minimum retail price required by the brand! It can be judged that 80% of this website is selling fakes from this point alone. Then, our customer service staff tried to remind the customer many times, but he was so confident and he said that the website showed him a lot of real pictures and related information. Considering that the customer has already placed an order, so we don't wanna bother him anymore. . .

sex doll scam

But things turned around just a few weeks later. He got back to us and said that the doll he received had a lot of stains that couldn't be wiped off, and the doll's hair fell out a lot when you brushed it! By this time he had realized that he had been deceived, and it was most likely a secondary recycled sex doll. This is absolutely intolerable for doll lovers and us! Because sex dolls are personal items, hygiene and safety are paramount! No one wants to get sick from having sex with a doll. . . Therefore, Realdollshub has a strict control program on the quality of sex dolls. And we only cooperate with the top sex doll brands in the industry. The raw materials they use are all medical grade, safe, non-toxic, and harmless to the human body. So we can always confidently tell our customers that they don't have to worry anything about quality and safety issues!

In conclusion, buying a sex doll is indeed a big investment. So we suggest that you follow these rules before placing your order:

  1. Compare prices, if one site is a lot less expensive than others. It must be unreasonable, because no one is going to do a loss-making business.
  2. Check whether the website has a formal authorization letter for sex doll brands, because well-known doll brands will not issue authorization certificates to fake websites. This must be premised on long-term cooperation or trust building.
  3. When you fancy a certain doll, you can ask the other party to provide real factory photos. Lest the sex doll you actually receive is fake or too different from the photos to be acceptable.
  4. Certain brands of sex dolls also come with unique security codes, such as WM Doll. Each of their dolls will have a security code attached, and you can check whether the doll you purchased is genuine on their official website.

If you are still confused or want to know more, you are welcome to contact our professional online customer service at any time, or via WhatsApp +86 19154946268, email: service@realdollshub. com. Thanks! Looking forward to your visit!

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