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Sexdoll Oral Sex? The Different Between Regular Silicone Sex Doll Head and Soft Sex Doll Head

Jun 26, 2022
Sexdoll Oral Sex

Can sex dolls make oral sex? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by beginner sex doll lovers. Realdollshub, as a professional authorized sex doll agency, we meet new players who are new to the sex doll every day. They usually have many questions about sex doll customization, materials, or prices for sex dolls. But there is one thing that most doll lovers care about whether our sex dolls have a function of oral sex. This article will compare the difference between an ordinary silicone sex doll head and a soft silicone sex doll head through the [Final Fantasy 7 Remake] Cosplay life-size Tifa Lockhart sex doll with the newest oral sex function soft sex doll head launched by "Game Lady", the most popular sex doll brand recently.

Sexdoll Oral Sex

Game Lady Open Mouth Tifa Silicone Sex Doll 167cm/5ft5 E-cup Final Fantasy Tifa Cosplay Sexdoll

Q1: Are all sex dolls can make oral sex?

No! At present, most of the sex dolls with oral sex function on the market are made of TPE material. Sex dolls made of TPE have good softness and high ductility. Manufacturers usually reserve a channel in the throat of sex dolls to facilitate doll lovers to use the oral sex function. If you are a blowjob lover, we recommend you to learn more about TPE lovedolls. They are touching soft, good ductility, and more cost-effective. However, TPE sexdoll is less realism compared to silicone dolls.

Q2: Can silicone sex dolls open their mouths and have oral sex?

In addition, due to the raw material and special production process of the silicone sexdoll, the silicone doll head will be relatively hard. It is rare to see a silicone sexdoll can open her mouth and have oral sex function. But with the advancement of technology in the sex doll industry, soft silicone was introduced to the market. Improved softness while maintaining realism! The new soft silicone sex doll has a jaw that can open or close their mouths and bring you a fantasy oral sex experience. Even her teeth and tongue are made of soft silicone as well. The internal structure of the soft silicone sex doll's throat is clearly visible, and you can't even tell the difference between the sex doll and a real person! It meets both fidelity and practicality, is simply the gospel of the majority of sexdoll blowjob lovers. .

Sexdoll Oral Sex

This is a soft-headed version of Tifa, with thrush and sticky eyelashes, a movable chin (open mouth, close mouth), with a complete oral structure, the deepest part of the mouth is soft silicone, which will not directly touch hard and hard during oral sex The teeth of the Soft Tifa head are also made of soft silicone, and the oral cavity is a horizontal channel, so during oral sex, the eyeballs will not be squeezed and deformed.

Q3: What is the difference between a regular silicone sex doll head and a soft silicone sex doll head?

First of all, although both regular silicone sex doll heads and soft silicone sex doll heads are both made of silicone safe and non-toxic and can be used with confidence. But the ratio of silicone and other materials is different, so the degree of softness is different.

From the appearance, both regular and soft silicone heads are almost the same. But there is no way to implant eyelashes on the soft silicone head doll, so the eyelashes and eyebrows of the soft silicone head doll are painted. And we don't recommend hair transplants on sexdolls with soft silicone heads. Because they are easy to fall off, and you must not want to the hair drop on the ground every time you brush her hair. .

Sexdoll Oral Sex

Q4: How can I get the "Open mouth" soft silicone sexdolls or head?

Suggestion 1: Get the "Game Lady Open Mouth Tifa Silicone Sex Doll 167cm/5ft5 E-cup Final Fantasy Tifa Cosplay Sexdoll" directly!

Suggestion 2: Buy one Game Lady doll and one extra soft Tifa head (Extra head 50% off, $599 only!)

Suggestion 3: Get the Game Lady soft silicone head directly!

Sexdoll Oral Sex

Here are the latest news about soft silicone sex doll heads and the Game Lady dolls. Game Lady has only launched Tifa's soft silicone head dolls so far. But we do believe they will launch soft silicone heads for other sex dolls of their brands in the near future. Let's look forward to it!

If you are interested and want to know more about Game Lady products, please just feel free to contact us through WhatsApp: +86 191-5494-6268, Email: or online customer service. Thank you!

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