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Sex Doll Head: Everything You Need to Know 2023

Nov 25, 2022
Sex Doll Head

A sex doll, aka a love doll is a type of sex toy which can come in various shapes and forms. While this anthropomorphic toy can consist of an entire body, it also has specific parts like the vagina, mouth, penis, breasts, anus and head. Every object needs to be maintained with the utmost care, and for an object like a sex doll, which can take even take the form of a living partner, it is a must.

Realistic sex dolls are important for your lifestyle because it can do everything to relieve your pressure and improve your relationships all around. While it can satisfy your sexual intentions, it can also form an integral part of your life. Sex doll heads can be the element which you will find most attractive, and we will give tips on how to take care of your beloved sex doll's head and its various components.

Sex Doll Head

How to put a head on a sex doll

We want to make you aware of the fact that all sex dolls, when they come in a package, do not have their head attached to their body. The sex doll head must be attached by the customers who buy it and get their package delivered. The silicon sex doll head must be handled with care, and we are giving the below instructions that will guide you step by step into installing sex doll heads. There can also be an instruction delivered to your doorstep with the package.

1.Screw On Head

  • A bolt will be coming out of the silicone sex doll head, and you need to locate it first.
  • Next, the wig of the oral sex doll head has to be removed, and it should be held in both hands tightly. It is preferable to do this activity with gloves on your hands.
  • Tilt the head slightly so you can see the connector, and the sex doll head is to be lined up with the neck bolt.
  • Rotate the silicon sex doll head clockwise to the correct four times.
  • Check to see if the head is stable and not wobbly. If there is a hint of wobbling, turn the head two or three times more.

2.Pop On Head

If you have purchased a pop-on sex doll head only, the bolt sticking out of the neck will be smooth.

Again preferably wearing the cotton glove, remove the wig from the head and hold the oral sex doll's head tightly.

Here you can tilt the head sidewise to see the connector.

Line up the head and the bolt in order and press down firmly until the head actually connects.

If you find the silicon sex doll head to be too loose, use the hex keys and adjust the tightness on either side of the connector. Now you can see the headwork perfectly.

Caring for dolls with implanted hairs

The sex doll heads should always be given special attention so that it does not get saturated because of the rooted hair present in the sex doll's head. Since the head of your oral sex doll will not sweat as it does not have a scalp, it should be just be shampooed in regular intervals, which is every four to five weeks.

Washing her rooted hair

If you are to wash the rooted hair of your silicone sex doll head, you have first to position the sex doll in a comfortable position. One of the most accessible positions will be to seat your sex doll on a bar stool or long chair with the sex doll's head leaning back towards the sink. One of the other positions is to seat your sex doll on the bathroom floor and lean the head back over the side of the tub.

When you have found a comfortable position, you need to start the process of cleaning. First, you have to cover your sex doll's face with an absorbent towel and gather the following items: bucket, shampoo/conditioner, towel and wig brush or comb. As you saturate the sex doll's head with water, be careful that water does not reach its face and eyes. Lather the doll's hair with shampoo working from the scalp to the upper bit of the hair. Use the cup to rinse the shampoo out of the hair. At the same time, you may have to change the water in the bucket once and squeeze any excess water from the doll's hair. Then you have to allow the doll's hair to air dry or use a blow dryer to clean it quickly.

Quick styling tips for the hair

You can make a statement of the sex doll head only with a nice hairstyle which can be done using various objects. You can use clips, twist pins, ponytail holders, scrunchies, bandanas and barrettes for simple, cool hairstyles. The most important point to note here is that you can imagine any hairstyle for your bestie and put it on your sex doll; whatever hairstyle will suit your imagination can be used on the oral sex doll head.

Sex Doll Head

Changing the eyes of your sex doll

  • Sex doll eyes can sometimes be very intimidating to look at, and they can have various features to note. They can look very realistic at some points.
  • Behind the pretty face of your sex doll, there are very simple half-circle eyes. They can be changed and replaced in an effortless manner.
  • You will need cotton gloves and a thin craft stick or ear-cleaning tool.
  • What you basically need to do is remove the silicon sex doll head and the wig, carefully use your thumb and forefinger to open the sex doll's eye socket, slide you another hand forefinger between the eye and eyelid and finally gently pull the eye out.
  • After that, take the new eye and place it into the eye socket at an angle and allow the eyelids to close around the eye. Then go around the eyes to adjust the skin into place with the craft stick or ear tool.
Sex Doll Head

Allowing makeup on your sex doll

Every person needs a glamorous look on their partner's face, and a sex doll head is no exception as you would look to put makeup on your living partner who gives you pleasure all night whenever you are frustrated after a long day's work. We ask customers to remove the oral sex doll head while applying makeup. It will be much more convenient and easy that way.

· Sex doll head makeup Do's

  1. For make-up goofs or if you want to remove old make-up, use Pond's cold cream.
  2. Use a brush to apply lipstick instead of using it straight from the lipstick tube.
  3. You should only use powder-based make-up found in any drug store or general cosmetics shop.
  4. Always use powder-based contouring kits for shaping the face.

· Sex doll head makeup Don'ts

  1. Do not use foundation on the silicon sex doll head.
  2. Do not use glittery makeup, as it generally sticks into the silicone and becomes impossible to remove.
  3. Do not use eyeliners or eyebrow pencils. Always try to use powder-based components.
  4. Lip stains and lip gloss must be avoided at any cost.
  5. Do not use cream-based blush, as it will stain.

Swapping your sex doll's heads

One of the great features of sex dolls is that they can be ordered with multiple faces. You can have two kinds of sex doll heads only, as mentioned earlier, which are the screw-on and pop head, and they can be easily swapped between each other, which is also given in an earlier section. Having a different face on your sex doll can completely change the complexion and outlook of the oral sex doll heads. You should just be aware of the ways involved in changing the sex doll heads.

Replacing the eyelashes of your sex doll

Eyelashes are another interesting aspect of any human face and even the sex doll's face. But you will notice that after owning the sex doll for a little while, the eyelashes will decrease or even fall off. Replacing the eyelashes can be delicate but straightforward work in hindsight.

You will need some items, which include regular and eyelash tweezers, cotton swabs, mineral oil, pre-glued false eyelashes or general eyelashes and clear Loctite glue. The exact step-by-step method to replace eyelashes can be found in any tutorial video for further reference.

Mainly, you need to remove the old lashes and glue by applying mineral oil to the lash line with a cotton swab. Gently hold the eyelid between your thumb and forefinger and massage the oil in. It can take up to 30 minutes. Once the glue has dissolved, you can easily remove the old lashes with tweezers. Then with a soft cloth dampened with warm water, dab and gently rub the eye area to remove the mineral oil. Take the first eyelash and hold it with your fingertips or eyelash tweezers, and apply lash glue along the solid part. Shape the lashes into a curve by gently squeezing the ends between your thumb and forefinger. At last, apply the lash by sticking the end to the outer edge of the eyelid and working inward, allowing it to dry.

Sex Doll Head


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