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ZELEX Doll Released New Inspiration Series Sex Doll

Sep 16, 2022

Silicone Sex Doll Revolution Begin?!

Recently, Zelex Doll, a first-line brand in the sex doll industry, has taken the lead in launching a technological revolution in silicone sex dolls! The brand new "Inspiration Series" full silicone sex doll release by Zelex Doll seems like very different from other linear doll brands like Starpery Doll, Irontech Doll, SE Doll...

Sex Toys Market Analysis

With the acceleration of the pace of life and the increasing pressure of life, more and more people choose to live alone. People seem to be reluctant to spend more time and energy on sexual communication. Because sometimes, even if you give a lot to the person you like, they don't necessarily buy it. Therefore, more and more people choose to "solve the problem by themselves". But sex is one of the fundamental needs of human beings, so sex toys such as male masturbator, sex toy, sex doll torso, massage stick and so on on the market are sought after by people. And according to the survey, more than half of the population in developed countries have used sex toys! Sex dolls stand at the top of the sex toy market and are the most advanced sex toys! With the development in recent years, today's sex dolls have become more and more realistic, and the cost is getting lower and lower! For example, silicone sex dolls already have realistic skin textures, pores, tendons, blood vessels, and other details. The application of glue injection technology makes the silicone doll have soft and elastic breasts and buttocks! In fact, we can predict that the future sex toy market will definitely be dominated by realistic silicone sex dolls. Who doesn't want to spend their day with a real-life beauty (sex doll)? So actually, what new silicone sex doll technique Zelex Doll brings to us? Let's check them out!

zelex doll

1. Openable/Moveable Jaw (Mouth) and True Restoration of Oral Sturcture!

OMG! Look at this! Are you sure this isn't a real mouth? ? It's amazing to see this detailed and realistic workmanship! I have to say that friends who like oral sex are lucky this time! The point is that the mouth of this realistic sex doll is soft, even the teeth are soft! Then you never have to worry about her hurting you again! And the entire sex doll is made of environmentally friendly medical-grade silicone material, including the inside of her mouth. So, please! Go ahead and do whatever you want with her! Tongue kiss or oral sex? It's all up to you!

View Zelex doll oral structure video>

2. Gel-filled Breast and Butt

If there's anything attractive about a woman or a sex doll, I'd definitely vote for boobs and ass! It is human nature after all. Soft and plump boobs/hips are a haven for everyone. . . Zelex Doll pays attention to the needs of the majority of doll lovers, and has developed and improved these two major parts. They have released Gel-filled breasts and butts that are softer and more bouncy than other sex doll brands on the market! You can even squeeze the boobs and butt of this silicone doll. Perfect touch and resilience will give you unforgettable memories! Imagine watching TV or playing video games while you lay on her plump and soft ass! There is nothing better than this!

3. New Replaceable Labie

Different from other replaveable labia, Zelex Doll release the new labia which has complete and realistic exposed labia! Easy to replace and enstall! It is worth mentioning that there are currently two vaginal structures to choose from! You can choose different sex doll vaginas that best suit you according to your needs. And it's all free! Plus, whether how big or small your penis is, she can satisfy you and make you orgasm!

zelex doll

4. New Color Sealing Process

As they mention in the picture above. Zelex Doll Release a new color sealing precess which can protect the make up of the doll's face and body! Beside, today's sex doll production technology has become more and more mature. Including the sex doll human makeup technology, it can even tell the details of the sex doll's pores, skin texture, blood vessels, and joints to be very realistic. I dare say that many people can't even tell if she is a sex doll or a real person! With this new coloring protection process for sex dolls, your sweetie will stay with you longer!

To sum up, the new "Inspiration Series" sex doll launched by Zelex Doll this time is very empressive. Especially the perfect soft oral structure, which is definitely the gospel of the majority of oral sex lovers! However, Zelex only released 170cm/5ft7 full silicone sex doll with those innovative technologys. In any case, the development of the sex doll industry is alway a good thing for many of doll lovers and single people! As an authorized agent of Zelex Doll, Realdollshub will also be with Zelex Doll and all of sex doll lovers. Hope we can bring happiness and joy to more and more people!

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