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Life-Size Figure is Not a Sex Doll? Sharing From a Life-Size Figure Lover

Oct 20, 2022
sex doll

Life-Size Figure is Not a Sex Doll? Sharing From a Life-Size Figure Lover

In fact, many people do not understand the difference between a life-size figure and a sex doll. "Why is there a sex doll in your room? No! This is my trick, you must have misunderstood!" Imagine when you bought a physical doll and it was discovered by family or friends by accident, do you would be embarrassed! ? I believe this is a problem that many doll lovers are most reluctant to encounter, but have to face. This article will answer your questions about dolls or sex dolls from the perspective of a real doll owner and doll lover.

sex doll

Difference Between Life-Size Figure and Sex Doll

From the appearance point of view, whether it is life-size figure or a sex doll, they are not very different. The same size, the same material, and even the same function. They are the same thing physically. The difference is what their owner thinks they are. Some people play with her as a life-size figure, make up for her, and dress her in beautiful clothes, cosplay different video game characters. Or just use her as a carrier to show her level of aesthetics and appreciation, and not have sex with her. In this case, you can call them wait-and-see. The original intention of other people to buy is more to solve their physical and spiritual needs. For example, having sex with the doll, or using the doll as your spiritual partner. These people even choose to have a wedding with the doll, treating her or him as the other half in their real life and sharing the joy of life together. So basically, we can see that these are two completely different groups, but it makes sense. Whether it's a trick or a sex doll, it just depends on how you use her or how you define her. But the point is to learn to please yourself, the opinions of others are completely irrelevant.

sex doll

Life-Size Figure Lover Sharing

And then, as the real owner of the life-size figure, I would like to share with you the interesting stories of the day. In fact, before and after I bought and waited for the skill to do, I heard people say that "don't make impulse purchases, although I really wanted it at the time, but after a few days of purchase, you will just put her in the corner". However, after I bought it, I never felt that way. People around me said I really liked her. Because I always want to buy her clothes when I get money and I always want to take pictures of her when I am free. I enjoy using her pictures to make a lot of custom emoticons! My heart will relax involuntarily every time I go home and see such a cute smile at me. But in fact, this is more worrying to me, because I do buy a lot of things and lose their freshness very quickly. For example, when I bought my first movable figurine, I took a lot of pictures and put them aside. However, I didn't feel that way about this skill, and my friends also said that I don't like humans anymore, although I refuted them with "If I don't like humans why would I change the model of humans?" But it still made me reflect on am I even a fetish? If that is the case, then I am a sad person. After all, usually people like real people, and real people will pay for each other in turn. But if I really like an inanimate object, then I'll never know what it feels like to be loved. After all, in the final analysis, the love of a living body for an inanimate body can only be wishful thinking, and it is essentially a lonely life.

sex doll

It was only then that I started to look back, and found that I have really changed a lot since I have a life-size figure. The biggest change was that I actually said something like "I have to work hard to make money". I was a person who doesn't care about money, but I actually said such a thing. Because the lifespan is short, I can hardly imagine that one day in the future I may have to abandon her. At the same time, the price of life-size figure is too expensive for me. So when my friend said that his two-year life-size figure was going to be scrapped and thrown away, I subconsciously said: "I want to have money to continue the body and let her live for a few more years." It was also the most impressive thing to me when I had her.

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