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Starpery Doll 3rd Gen New Body Fully Decrypted! Fulfill Your Deepest Desires!

May 5, 2023
Starpery Third Generation Live Model Body


  1. 3rd Generation Doll Body: The Most Lifelike Sex Doll Body!
  2. How Starpery Doll Molded?
  3. 3rd generation Starpery Doll New Design
  4. My Summary of Using Starpery Doll:

With the continuous progress of artificial intelligence (AI), everyone can benefit and access information. However, today we are not discussing AI, like ChatGPT. We are talking about innovative robot technology, and the lifelike humanoid robot technology is widely used in the manufacturing of sex dolls, which has led to several technological leaps!

As a leader in the sex doll industry, Starpery SeX Doll promises to bring the latest sex toy technology and features to its sex dolls every year. In April 2023, Starpery Doll launched its brand-new 3rd generation body function, an entirely different level of sexiness for those who enjoy high-quality and realistic sex dolls.

Let's Now Learn About Starpery Doll's Brand New Body!

3rd Generation Doll Body: The Most Lifelike Sex Doll Body!

Starpery Love Doll is made of high-quality TPE and silicone materials. However, to ensure the most detailed facial realism, all doll heads are made of silicone material, divided into soft silicone heads and hard silicone heads. Recently, Starpery X Doll has updated its doll body technology! Unlike their ultra-realistic human body painting technology, the 3rd generation body is molded from a real woman's body, with human body details present on the doll's body surface, such as skin texture, raised veins, fingerprints, etc.

Undoubtedly, these dolls are the hottest, most realistic, and most authentic silicone women I have ever seen, and I shamelessly promote them!

How Starpery Doll Molded?

Most people are curious about how the 3rd generation body is molded based on a real-life model.

  1. First, start making the mold. Starpery Doll uses liquid silicone as the material for making molds, which is applied onto the hands and feet of the model. The silicone is applied multiple times to ensure that every feature of the human body is captured.
  2. Next, make the plaster moldusing spacers made of cardboard as the middle layer of the plaster mold.
  3. Once the plaster mold is added and the overall shape looks like that of a real human hand or foot, wait for it to solidify.
  4. Open the plaster mold, remove the silicone mold from the model's body, and then fix the silicone mold inside the plaster model.
  5. Next, the level of detail of the mold needs to be inspected. They have already made a pair of silicone feet, and the unfinished product is already quite impressive.
Sex doll 1:1 real models

Most importantly, the difficulty is not just in the production process. In order to make the dolls more realistic, they spare no expense in hiring more skilled technicians and spend more energy carving every detail bit by bit. This will be their most detailed and realistic body to date.

3rd generation Starpery Doll New Design

The third-generation body features a new design with improved softness, elasticity, and texture.

In addition to that, Starpery Real Doll offers two body versions: platinum silicone and TPE. The use of silicone allows for a greater degree of realism, especially in terms of texture. Platinum silicone has a longer lifespan and is less prone to tearing and indentation. However, the overall softness of platinum silicone dolls is not as good as TPE dolls. To address this issue, Starpery offers softer parts, such as jelly and air breasts, which many customers are willing to overlook.

silicone doll

The realism of TPE dolls is not as good as that of silicone dolls, which is a challenge faced by all TPE doll manufacturers. The third-generation body introduced by Starpery Doll may have solved this problem!

If you want your doll to have a natural fat feeling, choose a TPE doll with a third-generation body. When your sturdy penis mercilessly pounds her soft body, and you quickly grab her super flesh-like buttocks, your face will tear apart due to excessive excitement.

tpe doll

My Summary of Using Starpery Doll:

Starpery Doll is suitable for people who have a refined taste for sex dolls and want to have a lifelong companion in their sex doll. If you have never seen a naked model girl before, Starpery Sex Doll will definitely be a SUPRISE and maybe a risk worth taking, and I guarantee you will like it.

You can choose from some of the most popular Starpery Dolls from the official supplier realdollshub: Ahri, Seraphine, Amy, and Mira sex dolls, which will give your doll a more lifelike and realistic body instead of the lifeless silicone body.

Ahri, Seraphine, Amy, and Mira sex dolls

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