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5 Sex Dolls that Will Surely Steal Your Nights!

Nov 9, 2022
Sex Doll

Sex dolls for women have recently seen a boost in sales and technology. Unlike most sex toys which replicate just the genitalia, sex dolls for women and men are models of an entire person. One of the reasons for this boost in sales is COVID-19, which along with quarantines and lockdowns, brought loneliness for many people who were stuck away from their partners or companionship. For such people, male sex dolls were the closest they could come to human touch, thanks to the ever-advancing technology.

Realdollshub offers a comprehensive collection ranging from female sex dolls to male sex dolls and even shemale sex dolls. Many sex dolls for women at the Realdollshub are based on beloved characters from popular sci-fi movies or anime. These dolls come with hyperrealistic bodies and customisable features, so if you're looking for a one-stop shop for all your sex doll needs, you're at the right place!

Advantages of having a sex doll over a boyfriend

Bring your naughty fantasies to life

We all have naughty fantasies that we can realise in real life with the "commoners" around us. Stores like Realdollshub offer a wide range of realistic male sex dolls or sex dolls for women that can help you with just that. They help you realise all your sexual fantasies with these unimaginable hotties. There's a reason why our male sex dolls and female sex dolls are some of the highest-selling products in the industry.

●The extra-cute and hot experience of these customisable dolls

These sex dolls for women have become so popular because of their customisable attributes, which reproduce male and female body parts and faces as precisely as you desire. Looking for big eyes with natural eyelashes and sharp jawlines? You got it! Or are you into athletic bodies and deep-manly voices? We got you covered!

●Add-ons offered and a more comprehensive range of customizability

The idea of being with your favourite realistic male sex doll /female sex doll in all possible manners: cosplay, cuddling, and various positions. These sex dolls for women also come with joints and various customisations on the Realdollshub that can enhance your experience, such as intelligent body heating, hitting-sensitive moaning, softer genitalia, articulated fingers, hyper-realistic body painting, and so on.

Sex Doll

●Extending the porn-normalized fantasies to real-life

Porn promotes some real wild fantasies which are not at times humanly possible. Such long hours of sex, those weird ultra-flexible positions are not easy to do. But this will not be a problem for your sex dolls for women. Male sex dolls or female sex dolls available at Realdollshub can be pretty flexible with their minimalistic skeleton, and they can go as long as you want them to. So, if you want to realise your wild fantasies in real life, you might have a better shot at it with male sex dolls or female sex dolls.

●Personalising your realistic male sex doll

You may choose how you want your male sex dolls or female sex dolls to look and feel. You don't have to impress your male sex doll; just customise your desired physical attributes. You can control all the physical attributes of the sex dolls for men you can think of. You can customize the hair colour, skin colour, eye colour, the colour of their areola, the hardness and sizes of their penis, and even how much body hair the sex dolls for men have.

How to choose your "ideal" sex doll?

Your male sex doll is your male sex doll, which should be like that one. You can choose your ideal sex doll keeping in mind the following:

  • ●Material and Build quality: Your ideal sex doll should definitely not be toxic. Unlike your human partner, the toxicity is not emotional but in a more material sense. Before buying your male sex doll, you must check all the materials used in building your male sex doll. TPE is the most common material for sex dolls for women and is also the most life-like. TPE is soft and realistic and is also a safe material for all your sexual fantasies. Silicone male sex dolls for women look good in pictures but have a very plastic feel to them.
  • Customisations: Your male sex dolls need not be so rigid; you can add a skeleton to them and many other customisations that can turn your male sex doll into a realistic male sex doll. To add to the experience further, one can add articulated fingers for a fantastic fingering experience with your realistic male sex doll. Realdollshub offers a range of customisations in hair colour, eye colour, skeleton type, feet customisations, etc., which can create hyper-realistic and personalised male sex dolls for you.
  • Easy to clean: These sex dolls for women have holes and crevices which might house your fluids in the heat of the moment. Choosing a male sex doll that is easy to clean is necessary to avoid any infections and bacteria build-up.
  • Weight: Your realistic male sex doll need not have a realistic weight that might crush you. One must check the size and weight specifications before buying their male sex doll. Some platforms, such as Realdollshub, also offer weight reductions for sex dolls for women. This might help you get into all the positions with your male sex dolls, which you might not be able to practice under the crushing weight of a human body.

5 sex dolls that you SHOULD check out

Sex Doll

1.Thomas male sex doll by Irontech

This male sex doll is great for those looking for a lean athletic body on their male sex doll. This male sex doll has a character of a combat officer ready to rock your world. This realistic male sex doll is made from medical-grade silicone material, which is durable, soft, and human-like to the touch. Thomas is ready to rock your world!

Sex Doll

2.Elden ring Melina sex doll

Melina is a non-player character or an NPC in the game Elden Ring, distributed by FromSoftware. Melina wears a black robe and offers guidance to the players throughout the game but is often seen as a mysterious young lady. The Melina sex doll is made from medical-grade TPE materials which are soft and human-like to touch. The Elden ring Melina sex doll has three holes(anus, vagina, and mouth) for all your fantasies.
Sex Doll

3.Barry male sex doll by Irontech

If you are looking for more hunky and bearded fun, Barry might be right. This realistic male sex doll is made from TPE, while the head is made from medical-grade silicone material, which is durable, soft, and human-like to the touch. Unlike Thomas, Barry's body hair is embedded in his personality. It has a more serious character and maturity on the face, but Barry, too, will succumb to all your fantasies in bed.
Sex Doll

4.David male sex doll by Irontech

If you are looking for a more religious experience, David is the one to go for. This realistic male sex doll is made from TPE, while the head is made from medical-grade silicone material, which is durable, soft, and human-like to the touch. David has a god-like aura and clothing, long hair and deep eyes.
Sex Doll

5.Alter Fate grand order sex doll

Alter(Jeanne d'Arc), or dragon witch, is a character from the game Fate grand order. Alter sex doll is made from medical grade silicone material which is durable, soft, and human-like to touch. It has hyper-realistic detailing of the skin and even blood vessels.

To these female sex dolls for women, one can also add a high-quality skeleton and articulated fingers to make movement more human-like and practice various positions with your sex doll. You can have a softer vagina and smart body heating to make the experience even hotter and more realistic. Hitting-sensitive moaning can also be added to the list. The customizability doesn't stop here; you can even have a removable penis with your sex doll for some kinky fantasies.

My personal favourite

Barry male sex doll by Irontech has to be my favorite and go-to sex doll. The serious face and the beard does wonders for me in bed. The body is also more realistic in the case of Barry. I have Barry with a tanned skin tone and brown eyes with a hard penis to penetrate all my fantasies. The smart body heating and hitting-sensitive moaning make me feel I am doing it with a real person.

I would recommend buying male sex dolls/ female sex dolls to everyone. You can buy yours from Realdollshub. Debunking popular beliefs that this is just a toy for single men, your Male sex doll will take your sex life to another level. You can fulfill all your fantasies with these fantastical figures. Further, couples can also add sex dolls to their sex routines to spice things up. Everyone should have a Barry in their life!

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