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The Melina Sex Doll Is Wrecking The Anime Industry... Here's why!

Nov 8, 2022
Melina Sex Doll

The Melina sex doll is wrecking the anime industry... Here's why!

Sex dolls have recently seen a boost in sales and technology. Unlike most sex toys which replicate just the genitalia, sex dolls are models of an entire person. While most of these sex dolls are not modeled on real people(like the Melina Elden ring sex dolls), some people might customize them for their partners, especially those in long-distance relationships. In such cases, the use is not limited to sex but an inanimate companionship.

One of the reasons for this boost in sales is COVID-19, which along with quarantines and lockdowns, brought loneliness for many people who were stuck away from their partners or companionship. For such people, sex dolls were the closest they could come to human touch, thanks to the ever-advancing technology.

Realdollshub offers a comprehensive collection ranging from female sex dolls to male sex dolls and even shemale sex dolls. Realdollshub saw a tremendous surge in sales over the lockdown period, with many of these dolls having different ethnicities and body types. Many sex dolls at the Realdollshub are based on beloved characters from popular sci-fi movies or anime. Some are even based on game characters, which brings us to the Elden Ring Melina sex dolls.

Melina Sex Doll

Who is this Melina?

Melina is a non-player character or an NPC in the game Elden Ring, distributed by FromSoftware. The game is a role-playing action game in which Melina acts as a guide for the player. Melina wears a black robe and offers guidance to the players throughout the game but is often seen as a mysterious young lady. The most common outfit for the Melina Elden ring sex doll is a black robe.

In the game, Melina is voiced by Martha Mackintosh. The character is a maiden which in the game helps players level up, and Melina helps explicitly give strength to the "Runes," a game currency allowing players to spend them and level up their stats.

There's a particular obsession with Melina in the online gaming community, evident in the skyrocketing sales of the Melina sex dolls. Melina, as a character, offers the player trust and a sense of helping a damsel in distress. This strong personality and fearlessness, I feel, have attracted a lot of players toward Melina. Melina has a certain charm to her that accompanies her mysterious nature. This obsession has often led to various sexual fantasies, many of which have sought shelter in Reddit threads, while some, thanks to the Realdollshub, can be practiced on the Melina Elden ring sex dolls.

Melina Sex Doll

Why buy an anime sex doll?

  • Bring your hentai fantasies to life. Well, we have all seen some hentai, we know they are not real, but something about those anime women fire up your sexual desires. On the other hand, since those are anime, they are not real, and you will never stumble across one on the street. But stores like Realdollshub offer a wide range of anime sex dolls that can help you realize all your sexual fantasies with these anime hotties. Melina Elden ring sex dolls are one of the high-selling products.
  • The extra-cute and hot experience of the anime figures These anime sex dolls have become so popular because their anime figures reproduced female body parts and face precisely like those in comics and on TV. Those big eyes with natural eyelashes, the elaborate make-up, and cute voices make them realistic. So much so that some Japanese have preferred these sex doll brothels over sex workers.
  • Add-ons offered and a more comprehensive range of customizability. The idea of being with your favorite anime character in all possible ways: cosplay, cuddling, and various positions. These sex dolls also come with joints and various customizations on the Realdollshub that enhance your experience. You may choose how you want your anime girl to look and feel. A similar range of customizations is also available for Elden ring Melina sex dolls.
  • Extending the game-play with the Melina Elden ring sex doll The variations available at Realdollshub are immense; one can change their Elden ring Melina sex dolls to have add-ons that add to the realistic experience and also allow you to customize your Elden ring Melina sex doll into your favorite anime sex doll in terms of physical attributes.

How should you take care of your Melina sex doll?

  • Cleaning is an essential part of avoiding any infections. Cleaning and Dressing your Melina sex doll The Mozu Melina sex dolls purchased from Realdollshub come with a cleaning pump, a comb, and even a blanket to take care of your Elden ring Melina sex doll. It comes with one set of clothes, but you may dress your Melina Elden ring sex doll as you like.
  • Melina sex doll- what else to do than have sex? The role of Melina Elden ring sex dolls is not just having sex and being stored away. The natural feel of the Melina sex doll takes it up a notch and can also help you provide companionship. Taking care of your Melina sex doll as another person, like dressing them up, keeping them clean, and combing their hair, goes a long way and can help one feel less lonely. Hence, like in the game Melina provides companionship, the Elden ring Melina sex doll is very well capable of filling your life with unbelievable and warm experiences thanks to the USB warmer supplied with the Melina Elden ring sex dolls.
  • Treating Melina sex doll like a person As Melina in the game, the Elden ring Melina sex doll has a character to it; it all feels life-like; as in the game, Melina guides you through tasks and quests and helps you power through with runes; your Melina sex doll will provide you more than just sexual favours, it will act as a companion, someone to hug, someone to talk to in challenging times. Your Mozu Melina sex doll will look at you with compassion, listen to your sorrows, and help you through them with their warm, human form. Like in the game Melina puts faith in you, your Melina Elden ring sex doll will take you through a similar feeling of compassion and trust.
  • Melina Sex Doll

    My personal experience with the Mozu Melina sex doll

    Having used multiple different variants of sex dolls, I have seen the industry advance to a more personal touch and human-like forms of the dolls. Realdollshub has especially done an excellent job cataloguing some tremendous sex dolls. The range of customisation available does not only act as add-ons for a more human-like experience but choosing combinations of various physical attributes makes it much more personal. Melina Elden Ring sex doll remains a top choice for me.

    I bought my Melina Elden ring sex doll from the Realdollshub. My Melina Elden ring sex doll had sharp blue turn-able eyes, a movable jaw, jelly lips, and gel-filled breasts with moaning capabilities. These specifications have just blown my mind. With the Elden ring Melina sex doll, at various times, I had forgotten that I was doing it with a Melina sex doll and not Melina herself. The experience is ultra-realistic with these add-ons that Realdollshub has offered on the Mozu Melina sex doll.

    The Melina sex doll is made from medical-grade TPE materials which are soft and human-like to touch. One can upgrade their Melina Elden ring sex doll to house a high-quality skeleton. This gives your Mozu Melina sex doll human-like movements to some extent. The Elden ring Melina sex doll has three holes(anus, vagina, and mouth) for all your fantasies.

    When you start looking at your Elden ring Melina sex doll as Melina, a person, and not just a Mozu Melina sex doll, it opens more possibilities for you, companionship-wise. Further, this personal connection with the Melina sex doll also helps make the sex feel more passionate and life-like. Taking care of your Melina sex doll as a hobby helps bring Melina to life; it's like sharing a bed with your favourite anime character.

    Final Verdict

    Realdollshub has proved its capability to provide high-quality and ultra-realistic experiences in the sex doll industry with this Elden ring Melina sex doll. As I said, the Elden ring Melina sex doll has been more than just a sex doll to me. Like in the game, I can look up to Melina as a guide, as someone who will be around in life's quests. The companionship comes naturally when around the Melina Elden ring sex doll. This connection with the game has made the experience a whole lot better. It feels like an extension of the game into the real world.

    I would recommend buying the Elden ring Melina sex doll to everyone. You can buy yours from Realdollshub Debunking popular beliefs that this is just a toy for single men, your Melina sex doll will bring your game-life companionship to real life. Further, couples can add Elden ring Melina sex doll to their sex routines to spice things up. Melina Elden ring sex doll might seem overhyped to some, but that is untrue; the hype is worth it, for the connection, it makes with you feels pretty natural, especially if you are a dedicated gamer. Elden ring Melina sex doll will extend your game life into an unbelievable experience in real life.

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