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Cleaning and Maintaining for Your Sex Dolls 101: A Brief Guide

Nov 14, 2022
Cleaning and Maintaining for Your Sex Dolls

Investing in a silicone sex doll will not only result in toe-curling orgasms whenever you want one but will also bless you with a companion without expectations. Even though silicone sex dolls are just dolls, they need their fair share of love and affection from us. The silicone sex doll gives you moments which are indelible, so why not take good care of your doll? Maintaining a silicone sex doll, if you happen to have one, should be done regularly and not just once in a while.

Most people get confused with the manner in which they are supposed to wash and take care of their silicone sex doll. If you are one such person, rest assured we will take you through it all. If you have been wondering about which soap to apply on her body and anus or what to use as a scrubber, we have got you covered. Read on to learn more about how you can take proper care of silicone sex dolls and use them for a longer time.

Cleaning and Maintaining for Your Sex Dolls

The top 6 mistakes to avoid while cleaning your sex doll

If you happen to be an owner of a silicone sex toy, we recommend cleaning it after every use. Experts say that silicone sex dolls accumulate a lot of body fluids like semen and sweat after use. If you want to follow the proper procedure to clean your silicone sex doll, we recommend that you avoid the following 6 common mistakes. Do not make these mistakes like owners of silicone sex dolls do, and you will reap the benefits.

  • Using the toy right after unpacking - This is a widespread mistake that owners of silicone sex dolls make. In the excitement of having bought a silicone sex doll and finally being able to try it out, they forget that it isn't 100% safe for use right out of the package. If you own silicone sex dolls, make sure to clean them properly with soap and water after unpacking, and then use them to get some good orgasms.
  • Forgetting to check if it's waterproof - If you have bought a silicone sex doll from Realdollshub, make sure to check its tag. If it says waterproof, you can use it as you please. You can even use your silicone sex doll in the tub. If it isn't waterproof, make sure not to use it in any wet place and always dry it off after cleaning.
  • Cleaning with bleach or aromatic soap - Remember that it is a silicone sex doll, and you do not need to clean it with aromatic soaps or bleaches. You might even end up discolouring the doll or messing with its skin structure.
  • Cleaning a porous doll improperly - Most silicone sex dolls in 2022 have myriad features. If you happen to own a silicone sex doll, make sure to clean it after checking whether it is porous or not. If you happen to clean the porous toy like you clean your hard toys, you might end up creating fungi or bacterial growth inside your silicone sex dolls. If you use such a silicone sex doll, you will get an infection surely.
  • Not knowing the material of the doll - If you own a silicone sex doll in 2022, be sure to check the material of the doll. It is usually made up of TPE or silicone. Both types are found on Realdollshub.
  • TPE dolls are softer. The material is sensitive, and you should always wash it in cold or lukewarm water to retain its texture and feel. Do not wash it too roughly.
  • Silicone sex dolls are more firm, so they are easy to clean and maintain. If you own a silicone sex doll in 2022, you can wash it in hot water (but not too hot). It is resistant to temperature changes, but not too much.
  • Sealing it after use in the storeroom or attic - This is another very common mistake owners of silicone sex dolls make. After using and cleaning it, please put it in a cool dry place to dry. After it is totally dry out, put some talcum powder on its skin which can make its skin smoother and keep it from getting oily. Finally, store it in a cool and hygienic place.
Cleaning and Maintaining for Your Sex Dolls

The Essential Toolkit for cleaning your Doll!

If you own a silicone sex doll in 2022, the following items are a must-have in your cleaning toolkit:

  • Comb
  • Liquid or antibacterial soap
  • Vaseline
  • Eyelash glue
  • Microfibre or soft cloth
  • Cornstarch or baby powder
  • Baby Oil.
Now, you are ready to begin cleaning your silicone sex dolls.

Cleaning the different holes:

Since you own a silicone sex doll in 2022, you need to know how to clean the different orifices of your doll.

  • If the orifices can be removed, remove them and wash them separately using soap and water. Then dry them on a firm surface.
  • If the orifices of your silicone sex dolls can't be removed, just lay them down in a tub where they can be washed properly.
  • Use the showerhead or water irrigator at a low pace near the entrance of the orifice. Be sure to get all dirt out.
  • Pour antibacterial or liquid soap inside the silicone sex doll and flush it with water.
  • Use a clean and soft toothbrush to clean the inside of your silicone sex doll. Make sure not to poke any holes inside your silicone sex doll.
  • Flush with normal water and then dry it out.
Cleaning and Maintaining for Your Sex Dolls

Cleaning the body:

Do the following to clean the body if you own silicone sex dolls in 2022:

  • Place them in lukewarm water.
    • Use antibacterial soap to lather your silicone sex dolls.
    • Gently rub and let the silicone sex dolls sit for some time.
    • Wash the silicone sex dolls thoroughly to make sure there are no residues of soap.

    Cleaning the Face and Eyes:

    Since your sex doll (silicone) is made of firm but sensitive material, make sure to clean the head as thoroughly as possible.

    • Remove the head, wig, eyelashes, etc., of the sex doll (silicone).
    • Wash with lukewarm water without submerging.
    • The makeup is not permanent on your sex doll (silicone). Make sure to be as gentle as possible while washing the face.

    Cleaning the eyelashes:

    Since the eyelashes on your sex doll (silicone) are removable, do the following:

    • Gently pluck eyelashes and keep them aside.
    • Place eyeballs and eyelids in mild soap water before cleaning them.
    • Massage eyeballs and eyelids before cleaning them in warm water.
    • Make sure that you dry them before putting them back on your toy.

    Cleaning the wig:

    This is a very important step in taking care of the sex doll if you have bought it from Realdollshub.

    • Remove it gently from the head of your sex doll (silicone) and comb it properly from root to tip.
    • Wash gently with cold water.
    • Use a sulfate-free shampoo to lather your wig, and submerge to clean.
    • Wash gently with cold water again.
    • Repeat this process a couple of times if you wish to maintain your silicone sex doll in a pristine state.
    • You can use a hair conditioner to give it some extra shine. But do not let the conditioner damage the roots, as your toy will be spoiled otherwise.
    • Do not use hair-setting sprays that you use on your hair. It might destroy the wig.
    If you want, you can use a moisturiser or body oil to maintain the shine of your silicone sex doll.

    Cleaning the clothes:

    If you have bought your sex doll (silicone) from Realdollshub, make sure to wash the doll's clothes like you usually do with yours. Don't rub them too roughly; dry them before putting them back on the doll.

    How to store your doll:

    • Keep your sex doll away from sunlight as it bleaches the hair and skin.
    • If you bought a silicone sex doll in 2022, store it at room temperature.
    • Loosen any elastic bands on your doll as that leaves compression marks.
    • Leave them lying down, ensuring the hinges do not come off.
    • Do not use leather straps to secure your doll to something else, as it might affect the colour of your doll's dress.


  • The very first rule: remember, we strongly discourage your doll from wearing colored clothing for long periods of time! Because of long-term contact, the skin of the doll is likely to be stained by the clothes, resulting in patches of color on the skin. This would be disastrous as the skin is very difficult to wash off once it is stained. But if your doll has been stained, you can try the following: 1. Wash it with the shower gel used by ordinary people; 2. If the ordinary shower gel still can't remove the stain, then you can try to apply olive oil to the skin of the doll Then wrap it in plastic wrap and let it sit for 1-2 days before washing it off with shower gel. 3. Remember not to wash with alcohol or corrosive liquid, otherwise it will damage the skin of the doll and cause the makeup on the skin surface to fall off.
  • If you plan to travel or need to store the doll for a long time, we recommend that you do not put any clothes on the doll. After applying talcum powder on its skin, wrap it directly in a non-colored bath towel and store it in the box in a lying position. This can help you to avoid skin staining or deformation.
  • Cleaning and Maintaining for Your Sex Dolls


    In this article, we have covered all the dos and don't of having a silicone sex doll in 2022 and how to go about cleaning them. Know that your sex doll is an extremely delicate product and requires constant care and attention to maintain it. If you are not regularly using your sex doll, make sure to wipe it with a moist microfiber cloth to prevent any scratches and remove dust particles.

    Follow the following three rules -

  • Use mild soap and brushes.
  • Do not use extremely cold or extremely hot water to clean your sex doll (silicone).
  • Clean the doll gently and with extreme care. Be sure to remove any cum stains that persist after washing!
  • If you have gone through our list of dos and donts, go ahead and enjoy some passionate and intimate moments with your sex doll. Maintain the doll and use her as you please.

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