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The Best Sex Dolls of 2022! Full Guide!

Dec 8, 2022


  1. Perks of owning a sex doll in 2022?
  2. 5 CRAZY facts about the sex doll industry
  3. Why you should gift your husband/boyfriend a sex doll!
  4. What factors determine whether a doll is a best sex doll?
  5. Editor's choice for 5 Best Sex Dolls in 2022
  6. Conclusion
Intro If you have somehow reached this article while searching for the best sex doll, you are welcome. You have reached the right place. Sex dolls have become really popular, especially in 2022. A survey by Manforce found that the sales of the best sex dolls in the market increased by almost 40% with the advent of the pandemic. People have been wanting to release their repressed emotions and feeling of love with the best sex doll money can purchase. The craze is probably unimaginable considering how the market wasn't even predicting a boom in the purchase of best sex dolls in the near future.

Perks of owning a sex doll in 2022?

Honestly, if you don't already have your best sex doll (according to your preference) in your closet, you are way behind others. Let me tell you the greatest perks of owning some of the best sex dolls at this time. ●It is safe and easy - Honestly, it is really exciting to get it on with the best sex doll you have in your closet. The biggest perk of owning the best sex doll is that you don't need to worry about getting infected from having intercourse. Make love to your sex doll all you want. ●It is customisable - Want to make love to your sex doll tonight? But you would rather prefer a blonde one tonight? No worries! The best sex dolls in our arsenal are completely customisable - right from hair, eyes, and skin tone to labia and pussy too.

●It is made just for your pleasure - Unlike your partner, your sex doll isn't real and doesn't have any emotions. Use it as you please, wherever you please! It has multiple orifices so you can have oral, vaginal, or anal sex whenever you want.

5 CRAZY facts about the sex doll industry

Bored of watching those crazy-ass animes and hentai? Know these 5 super crazy facts about the sex doll industry in 2022 - ●A man from Michigan married his sex doll - Yep, you read that right. 'Davecat' sees his sex doll as his wife. He has 'two' other companions (read sex dolls) who each have a Twitter account. ●Japanese refer to sex dolls as 'Dutch wives' - The Japs are a weird bunch. They call sex dolls Dutch wives because some of the very first sex dolls were invented by Dutch sailors. ●Barbie is a sex doll - Yes, your favourite Barbie was manufactured as an erotic doll (albeit with no 'holes'). ●The Fleshlight's inventor once tried to patent a sex doll - Yes, he happened to submit a patent for a mannequin sex doll.

●The RealDoll company manufactures male sex dolls as well - Yes, it really does. But the sales are not even 10% of total sales.

Why you should gift your husband/boyfriend a sex doll!

There are a variety of reasons to gift your husband or partner the best sex dolls out there. ●Your partner/boyfriend will always be satisfied - Let's face it, not all of us are in the mood for sex at the same time as our partner/boyfriend. If you feel you don't want your partner's mood messed with, get him a sex doll. For all the times you are unavailable/unwilling, he can use the sex doll to satisfy himself. ●You can protect him from STDs - When you are not physically available for your partner, your partner's sexual cravings tend to be unsatisfied. For all the times your partner can/might resort to another woman for his sexual cravings, gift your partner the best sex doll under $1000.

●It's not cheating - Yes, having sex with a sex doll is not even cheating if both you and your partner consent to it. If your husband gets it on with the sex doll only when you are sick or unavailable, and you consent to it, your relationship will grow more open and intense. Know your partner's expectations and manage them accordingly. Sexual urges are a big part of every relationship.

What factors determine whether a doll is a best sex doll?

There are a lot of factors to consider while buying the best sex doll in 2022, especially from the best sex doll sites. If you want the best sex doll under $1000, read our list of the most important factors that you should take into consideration while buying the best sex doll you can purchase. ●Materials - If you have been buying sex dolls for some time now, you will know that they only come in two forms - TPE and silicone. For the uninitiated, using a sex doll of the wrong material will lead to irritations, rashes, and allergies on your groin and penis. If you want to buy the right sex doll, know what materials might not suit your skin type. Silicone is super durable and very lifelike, while TPE is cheaper and has better heat retention capacity. ●Cost - Very few sex dolls can be called expensive. Honestly, if you want the best sex doll under $1000, you have to search for your favorite best sex doll sites for days on end. Look out for festive or seasonal sales that these best sex doll sites offer. Do not ever purchase counterfeit dolls that are available on the market for half the price. These are very unsafe. ●Customization - Customisation is what, in my not-so-humble opinion, makes a sex doll the best sex doll. If you are an imaginative person and want to experiment, do not opt for a prefabricated doll. Instead, makes sure the best sex doll in 2022 that you are about to buy has customisable heads so that you can change its looks whenever you please. Opt for the most flexible option of customising everything from the neck down. ●Durability - As mentioned earlier, if the best sex doll is made from silicone, it is likely to be far glossier and more durable than TPE. However, that is not the only thing you should consider. TPE is best suited for temperature play, which feels extremely erotic.

Editor's choice for 5 Best Sex Dolls in 2022

Ciri Sex Doll - Masterpiece from Game Lady Doll. This sex doll is modeled after Ciri from Witcher 3 to give you the best sexual experience you can imagine. The details such as the scars on her face highly restore the characters in the game The Witcher3. Lifelike, it is simply a piece of exquisite sculpture art. Measuring 168cm in length, this sexy sex doll has all the features to be one of the best sex dolls in 2022. You can opt for customized eyes, transplanted hair, temperature play, and some other really cool and sexy features on this Ciri sex doll.

Tifa Sex Doll - This is probably one of the best sex dolls for 3D gaming lovers right now. The creation was inspired by the heroine Tifa Lockhart in the famous classic game Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Also a masterpiece from Game Lady Doll. It's not too intimidating and feels real enough that you want to make love to it. This sex doll is available on most of your best sex doll sites and retails for around $2799 on Realdollshub. It has a height of 163cm and is made from full medical-grade silicone which ensures you have no irritations on your skin. Even though the price might feel a bit on the premium end but it's totally worth it. In fact, having sex with her is not the original intention of many buyers of Tifa doll, they are more out of their sincere love and belief in this game character. After all, Tifa's status in the 3D world is like Jerusalem's status in European religions!

Seraphine Sex Doll - The Seraphine Doll is probably one of the best sex dolls out there on the market. The basic version is made of TPE body with Silicone head. A head of pink hair is her most representative feature. If you are a fan of the famous video game League of Legends, then you must know her all too well! The popularity of Seraphine both in the game and in reality is obvious to all. If you are a figure lover, then you can't miss her. Because when she wears the original cosplay dress I guarantee you will be shocked and fall in love with her! Of course, if you are a sex doll player who pursues authenticity, then I suggest you upgrade to full-body silicone. Believe me, she will look just like the real girl.
Ahri Sex Doll - The same as Seraphine, Ahri sex doll is one of the cosplay dolls of the classic video game League of Legends's characters Ahri. Measuring 171cm in length, this realistic sex doll makes for one of the best partners when it comes to having some intense fucking sessions with your sex doll. It features customisable breast size, breast type, toenails, and pubic hair, among other notable features. Besides, she can also customize the face makeup. If you want the same makeup as the game character, Realdollshub can also satisfy you at any time. And it's a free upgrade option! If you want the best sex doll under $2000, you might just consider this one.

Mia Sex Doll - This sex doll sells out really fast on Realdollshub. This is an Asian beauty silicone doll with white skin, huge boobs, and a juicy ass that seem to tease you mercilessly. She comes from the classic brand Irontech. Irontech has many styles of silicone dolls. If you are a high-end silicone doll player, Irontech doll is definitely one of the brands you must consider. Measuring 164cm/5ft4 in length, this doll features reality noteworthy customizations like face, eyes, boob, and even pubic hair. This is a silicone doll meaning that it is safe for your skin. It retails for almost $2498 on Realdollshub, one of the best sex doll sites out there. Mia is collected by many doll lovers, and although they may not be able to bring her home for a while, such a high-quality Asian silicone sex doll is definitely one of their first choices and this is definitely one of the best sex dolls in 2022.


From the list of best sex dolls suggested by us, the Jasmine Sex Doll is probably one of the best buys yet. It is available in a lot of versions, including trans versions on Realdollshub. You can even customise the areola colour on this doll. So, what are you waiting for? If you happen to be thinking of owning the best sex doll (or best sex dolls, if you happen to be a connoisseur), go ahead and buy those dolls from Realdollshub. It offers free shipping on almost all dolls and a refund guarantee as well.

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