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Ada Wong Sex Doll is a life-size collectible inspired by the horror game Resident Evil series. She is a mercenary and spy in the game, both good and evil, and her identity is full of mystery. The neat short black hair is one of her trademarks. Her facial features are exquisite and beautiful, with a unique oriental charm. She often wears tight red outfits that highlight her elegant, healthy and upright figure. The image of the mysterious leggy femme fatale is beloved by Resident Evil fans.

Here we have a selection of the highest-rated and most realistic Life-Size Ada Wong Love Dolls available today, all from well-known sex doll manufacturers, including Game Lady Doll. Different versions of Ada Wong's Real Dolls vary in height, body dimensions, appearance, and functionality. For example, the difference between a head with a movable jaw and a soft silicone head...

These alluring sex dolls are based on her sexy appearance in Resident Evil 4. Advanced materials are used to simulate the real touch of human skin. The facial sculpting is very precise and restores Ada Wong's unique oriental charm. On the skin surface, there are complex and delicate skin details, and the wrinkles, pores, and even veins at the joints have been meticulously restored. Built-in alloy skeleton allows all joints to move freely. Integrates functionality and beauty.

Hard Silicone Head VS Soft Silicone Head

The Ada Wong Sex Doll is inspired by her captivating image from Resident Evil 4. The two versions of silicone head sculpts are not inferior to each other in terms of restoration or skin details. The obvious difference lies in the makeup and materials. The makeup of No.08 is gorgeous and dazzling, just like her unique oriental temperament. Because it is made of hard silicone material, you can choose to have hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows implanted, and the overall feeling will be more realistic. While No.21_1 is more elegant. In order to make the experience more realistic, the No.21_1 silicone head is specially designed with a complete mouth with a movable jaw. This is a function that simulates the real human oral cavity. The only difference is that the teeth and tongue are made of soft materials, and the tunnel is 5.12in deep.

Resident Evil 4 Ada Wong Sex Doll is crafted from lifelike platinum silicone material, both for the body and head, providing a mature and intricate aesthetic that appears exceptionally realistic in various lighting conditions. You can see the natural skin wrinkles at the joints, fine lines on the palms, etc. And you can choose to implant artificial hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows, which will be more realistic.

Ada Wong has slender legs and a slim waist, and her sexy and sultry muscle lines are tight and full of power. Whether it is the back line, hip curve, or the back of the knees and chest contour, they are all expressed so perfectly. The skeleton hidden inside Ada Wong Real Doll is an important key for her to stand, sit down and complete a sexy pose, with a total of 28 movable joints. Want her to lean delicately in your arms? No problem, just a slight adjustment to her frame and she's instantly in the perfect hugging position.

Ada Wong Sex Doll Factory Photo

Ada Wong Sex Doll not only looks gorgeous in photos but is also very realistic and charming in real life! Realdolshub has collected some Factory Photos previously sent to customers. To ensure that what you see is what the beauty will get after making it, we will send photos and videos of the doll to the customer via email for confirmation. We will only ship when the customer is 100% satisfied!

Ada Wong Sex Doll Video

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