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The Tifa Sex Doll is a 1:1 scale fully-body movable sex doll inspired by Tifa Lockhart, a member of the anti-Shinra organization from "Final Fantasy." These dolls are primarily produced by Game Lady Doll, one of the most renowned silicone sex doll manufacturers on the market. Drawing inspiration from games and anime, they meticulously recreate one virtual wife after another. Their outstanding reduction degree and exquisite craftsmanship quickly made them stand out in the market.

This collection gathers the best Tifa sex dolls available on the market to date. Not only do they continue the charm of the original character, but they also incorporate intricately realistic human body details. Fine wax-like craftsmanship is used to meticulously sculpt the facial features, while the skin texture is lifelike, with wrinkles, pores, and even veins meticulously recreated. With an integrated alloy skeleton, all joints are able to move freely.

Furthermore, each version of the Tifa love doll is unique, with slight differences in body shape, height, and overall appearance. Compared to the classic Tifa and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT versions, the classic Tifa head sculpt is closer to the gentle and lovely image from Final Fantasy. Building upon the classic version, the With Movable Jaw version of Tifa uses soft silicone material with a movable mouth, featuring soft teeth and tongue, enhancing overall realism by a level. She can also transform into the seductive and alluring succubus Morrigan with green hair. In short, the possibilities are endless!

So, are you ready? It's time to have a romantic date with your virtual gaming wife!


About Tifa sex doll

This collection brings together the best Tifa sex dolls available today. The Tifa sex doll is a 1:1 full-body movable sex doll inspired by Tifa Lockhart, a member of the anti-HRE organization in "Final Fantasy". In the game, Tifa is a beautiful young girl with long black hair tied casually around her waist. Wearing a black leather mini skirt, she has a sexy figure. She is a student of martial arts and her fighting style is always energetic. Contrary to her fighting style, she is introverted, strong but compassionate, always with a warm smile on her face. She treats her allies like a mother. She also serves as a voice of reason, helping her companions think through issues and do the right thing. Under the complex story, she will easily resonate with you.  You've surely thought more than once about building a romantic relationship with Tifa.

Realistic Appearance & Touch

These Tifa love dolls are so realistic and sexy. Under the classic image based on the game, platinum silicone material is used to create a sense of reality. The face carved from silicone material has a very precise depiction of Tifa, and you can clearly feel the tenderness in the eyes and the warm smile on the face. In order to be more realistic, after special rendering, the small freckles and red spots on the face are clearly visible. The Tifa real doll with a movable jaw is based on a classic model and made of soft silicone material. It has a complete oral shape like a human, with an oral cavity depth of 5.1 inches. The built-in teeth and tongue are made of soft materials, which can provide you with a feeling of wrapping oral sex experience. The delicate oral tunnel is always full of temptation.

In addition to the face, the skin color on the body is also full of changes, and the joints are naturally pink. The texture of the skin on the body is breathtaking. You can see the fineness of palm prints and joint wrinkles. Tifa's body curve is an hourglass figure, not too exaggerated, and shows the perfect coordination of muscles and bones. The sexy and sultry muscle lines are tight and full of power. Whether it is the back line, hip curve, or the back of the knees and chest contour, they are all so perfect. The alloy skeleton inside the body, with over 28 movable joints, allows the doll to pose in various challenging positions, enhancing its appeal as a collectible item.

Tifa Sex Doll Factory Photo

Tifa Sex Doll not only looks gorgeous in photos but is also very realistic and charming in real life! Realdolshub has collected some factory photos previously sent to customers. In order to ensure that what you see is what the beauty will get after making it, we will send photos and videos of the doll to the customer via email for confirmation. We will only ship when the customer is 100% satisfied!

2B Sex Doll Video

Sex Doll HeadSex Doll Head