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The Aerith Sex Doll is an ultra-realistic silicone sex doll meticulously crafted, drawing inspiration from one of the most beloved virtual female characters in the classic Final Fantasy series - Aerith Gainsborough. There's also the Tifa Sex Doll from the same Final Fantasy series, and in terms of reduction degree and detail, it's just as impressive as the Aerith love Doll. If you're a fan of this video game character, then this Love Doll holds significant meaning for you. If you're a fan of these video game characters, then this Love Doll holds significant meaning for you.

Here, we present the highest-rated and most lifelike real-size Aerith Sex Dolls available. These captivating sex dolls are crafted based on her gentle portrayal in Final Fantasy VII Remake, carefully sculpted to capture her original sweet yet resilient demeanor. On the skin surface, you can clearly see intricate skin textures, wrinkles, pores, and even veins. With an internal alloy skeleton, all joints are flexible for natural movement, combining functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

Furthermore, each version of the Tifa sex doll is slightly different, featuring minor variances in body shape, height, and overall appearance. The Aerith Real Doll with the articulated jaw is based on the classic model, featuring a lifelike oral cavity made of soft silicone material. With soft teeth and a tongue, the internal structure of the throat is clearly visible, allowing for mouth opening and oral sex functionality. This enhances the suppleness while maintaining realism!

Sex Doll HeadSex Doll Head