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Sex Doll Breast Ultimate Selection Guide! (2023)

Mar 13, 2023


  1. Solid breasts
  2. Hollow breasts
  3. Gel-filled
sex doll breast

If you are a male, you may be curious why you naturally become interested in women's breasts as you mature sexually. However, no one ever told us why men are particularly interested in breasts or whether breast size affects a man's sexual experience. If you are uncertain about how to choose the breasts for your sex doll, realdollshub can help you choose the most suitable option.

sex doll breast

1、Solid breasts

We offer free options for solid breasts, which are

We offer free change for solid breasts suitable for smaller breasts. However, in the long term, solid breasts are not ideal for breasts larger than D cups, such as BBW sex dolls, as they may tear. They are typically made of standard TPE or silicone materials. Solid breasts made of TPE materials are softer and more elastic, feeling like a baby's buttocks when touched. This means that they have the most natural slight movement effect during sex. Solid breasts made of silicone are less sticky and more rigid than those made of TPE, and they are usually made of softer materials with more delicate skin details.

When you choose a flat-chested sex doll, solid breasts will provide a more natural feel. When you squeeze or massage solid breasts, the tightening effect will feel more realistic, and the shaking effect will be more lifelike. For example, Marie Rose from "Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate."

sex doll breast

2、Hollow breasts

Hollow breasts are a very soft version of breasts with a very lascivious shake. Our lovely customers' feedback shows that this feeling is realistic and worth much praise. If you want to buy a sex doll with a uniform body and C or D cup breasts or above, we strongly recommend that you choose the option of hollow breasts, which we offer for free. Of course, this infinite pleasure depends on your specific preferences, so choose the doll you like and feel the desire at the most appropriate time.

When it comes to sex dolls, underwear is typically not necessary, but hollow breasts can have a tendency to sag over time. Just like with real women, breasts that are too full may benefit from wearing traditional bras to help prevent sagging. While hollow breasts remain an option, it's important to be aware of the potential risks and exercise caution.

sex doll breast

3、Gel-filled breasts

As a genuinely high-quality sex doll supplier, Realdollshub has made many breakthroughs in the sex doll industry, paying more attention to the details of sex dolls and introducing newer options, including gel-filled breasts. What is gel-filled breast filling? The gel used to fill the breasts is shown in the figure below:

sex doll breast

The exclusive gel-filled breasts are soft and flexible to the touch and easily bounce back when pressure is applied. Its design is like the thickness of natural body fat, and the unique shape of this breast implant looks like a natural teardrop-shaped breast. The form of these implants gives the breast a natural and lively fullness rather than making the breast look like two halves of a ball. The shape of these implants leans towards the upper part of the breast, giving the breast a natural and realistic appearance.

In summary, whether you prefer solid, hollow, or gel-filled breasts for your sex doll, Realdollshub can help you choose the most suitable option according to your preferences and needs.

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