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How is a Silicone Sex Doll Made? The Process of Making a Silicone Sex Doll

Oct 26, 2022
Silicone Sex Doll

How is a silicone doll made The process of making a silicone doll

70% of adult products in the world are produced in China, including Silicone Sex Dolls. They are even more beautiful than real people! They can be sexy and beautiful, and they can also be pure and healing. They are the dream lovers of many men. As long as there is a need, the image of the lover and the wife may live in the body of the silicone doll.

Among the silicone sex doll user groups, in addition to being single, 30%-40% have girlfriends and families. So silicone dolls are sex toys or humanoid companions? Can it emotionally replace real people? Does its existence have any effect on intimacy in reality? Let's take a look at the process of making each physical doll at the Silicone Sex Doll Factory.

Silicone Sex Doll

This is a humanoid skeleton made by a physical doll factory, and each skeleton is constructed from more than 100 parts.

"It's like an auto parts factory, industrialized and sophisticated."

"This process is carried out in a glass room, like a room for medical equipment, and it feels a little cold; it is amazing that the smallest parts finally become a human skeleton."

The body of the silicone doll is made, the outside of the skeleton is filled with a sponge, and then a protective layer is applied.

This step is equivalent to shaping the body of the doll. Each order is customized according to the user. The factory once conducted a user survey. The user's ideal doll is 154-162cm in height and 35-36 in foot size. Breast B and C cups are not very big, but A is definitely not good. But there are also a few customers who prefer a flat chest.

Silicone Sex Doll

"One by one body models are arranged in the air, and the workers shape the doll's body, chest, butt, and legs very finely bit by bit. The whole scene is full of technology and the future."

"This is very similar to the picture in "Westworld"! First, fill the back of the doll, and then change the face to fill the chest, and the chest is customized according to each order. Different sizes, each is a perfect breast shape."

To make silicone sex doll skin, you need to pour silicone on the outermost layer of the doll.

In this area, workers hang all naked human bodies on hangers. Each doll has long legs, thin waist, big breasts, narrow shoulders, and small faces, like a perfection between the second dimension and the third dimension. The human body posture, even the blood vessels on the skin are clearly visible when seen up close.

"Sexy! It's like Victoria's Secret supermodel standing in front of you one by one."

"The body of each doll is very well-proportioned, a real person can never grow this body shape, even girls have the desire to touch; on the other hand, the dolls hang one after another, and they look like corpses, cold and cold. ."

With the preliminary human figure, the worker will bathe the doll, then polish and wipe the body, apply makeup, nails, and hair. . . Every step needs to be very careful, just like taking care of a girl with no clothes on.

Silicone Sex Doll

After this step, a silicone doll is completed. Finally, split the body parts of the silicone doll, put it in the box, and wait for delivery.

"If a man comes here, he will definitely want to bring back a doll. If you bring back a doll, you will feel like a winner in life. It happened to be Valentine's Day. I hugged the silicone doll from side to side and felt that I was not alone at all."

"The factory settings of each doll are French manicures and perfect makeup. They are really exquisite girls. You can only believe them after seeing them with your own eyes. Why would a man put real affection into them? because here he can really get belonging.

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