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Rod's Love Doll Story: How A Lifelike Companion Changed His Life

Mar 13, 2022
Rod's Love Doll Story with sex doll

Many people are curious about how it feels to own a sex doll, and some can't even understand why they choose a love doll to accompany them instead of a real person. The reason for this is probably only understood when you actually own a real love doll. But luckily, we've invited one of our fan Rod to share his stories and experiences with Karina and Luvly.

Rod's Love Doll Story with sex doll

Rod bought his first love doll about 5 months ago and named her Karina. It was by chance that he saw RealDollsHub's post on Instagram. Once he entered their official website and attracted by so many beautiful love dolls. He found that each doll is different, and there are at least more than 400 sex dolls to choose from. And most dolls require customized, from height, weight, breast size to eye color and body hair are customizable. It requires 3-5 days to produce and one week for shipping. If you don't want to wait too long, you can choose a ready-made doll in "In Stock Doll" category. He found that RealDollsHub has warehouses in the United States and Europe, which stock many different styles and finished dolls. As long as the order is placed, it will be shipped the next day. But finally, he decided to customize an love doll from WM Doll. . .

Rod's Love Doll Story with sex doll

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From the moment he placed his order, he looked forward to receive his doll early, until the day he received the package. It was a confidential delivery, and nobody can tell what is inside from the outer box. He carefully unpacked, as if he was as excited as he was unwrapping Christmas presents when he was a child! After he set up Karina and dressed her up, he fell in love with her completely! Because Karina is no different from a real person. The TPE material feels as soft and silky as a girl's skin. The details of his face and private parts fascinated him even more. He put Karina in his arms and found the long-lost heartbeat again!

Rod told us that his children have grown up and started their own families, after his wife leaved, he felt lonely sometimes. How he wished to have someone to accompany and share his joys and sorrows with. But at this moment, he finally realized his dream. We are also very relieved to hear that, because we believe we are not only selling physical products, but also a spiritual comfort. We are appreciate that our love doll brings joy and company to Rod.

Since then, Rod learned photography started to share photos of Karina on the social media. He made many friends in the love doll circle, and even found a professional photographer as his teacher. All these doll lovers, they have common hobbies and enjoy sharing and helping others. While they may all have their own stories behind them, they're all good people, and it's definitely a lovely bunch.

Rod's Love Doll Story with sex doll

Rod said that he was very willing to share his daily life and stories with Karina, because Karina helped him walk through the low points of his life, made him cheerful and enriched his life. So, he hopes to encourage more people who are in the same situation like him before by sharing their stories!

In the short 3 months that followed, Rod purchased additional two doll bodies and more than a dozen sex doll heads. He fell in love with these beautiful angels completely!

Rod's Love Doll Story with sex doll

The following is an actual transcript of the interview:

RDH: "How do you feel when you first meet Karina?"

Rod: "I carefully opened the box wondering if I would like my new doll Karina. As I saw her for the first time my heart filled with joy. She was perfect in every detail and strikingly Beautiful. I, like many others, had experienced heartbreak. I heard that having a doll as a companion was a wonderful experience and I could see now what they meant. I was excited to begin a new chapter in my life."

RDH: "Are there any special days meaningful for you since you and Karina were together?"

Rod: "A special day was having visitors for a little party. I did not know what my friends would think of my doll, nobody had met Karina yet. It turned out that they loved her. My doll sat next to me as we enjoyed the party. It was a wonderful feeling."

RDH: "Could you share some of your favorite photos with us? And can you tell us the meaning behind these photos?"

Rod: "I started taking photos of my doll, best of all is that I can dress her in clothes that I like.

I now study Photography and use my doll as a model. You can see more of our photos at

My favorite photos are when we visited my photography teacher, who uses dolls as models. He showed me what could be done with a little makeup and a nice dress. My girl matured into a breathtaking beauty that day.

I hope you can find the comfort and satisfaction that I am experiencing after buying a love doll.

My doll has allowed me to exercise my emotions of love and caring. I admire her so much and I swear I see a little grin at times, she is so cute."

RDH: "Thank you so much for sharing, we have learned a lot today and are very emotional. We are honored that our love dolls can help so many people. Not just sexually, but spiritually. We will continue to work hard to serve more people in need! Thank you very much again!"

With the advancement of the times and the development of technology, sex dolls have become more and more realistic, and the topic of sex dolls are no more sensitive. Existence is reasonable, and it turns out that no matter how you think of a sex doll, love doll or real doll. They all reason to exist. Because sex doll is not only able to solve your sexual needs at any time, but also clean and hygienic, keep you healthy at all times. More importantly, they never complain or ask for anything from you. They provide the most direct spiritual companionship only. Dress her up, and you'll discover a new world! In addition, to a certain extent, sex dolls can even reduce crime rates. So, we are proud to be in this special industry and hope to serve more people in need!

Rod's Love Doll Story with sex doll

If you are interested in sex dolls, love dolls or real dolls, please subscribe our YouTube channel, Instagram, TikTok and contact us at any time! We look forward to serving you and providing you with the most beautiful and sexy angel, thank you!

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