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What is the Difference Between a Sex Robot and a Sex Doll?

Oct 27, 2022

Sex Doll vs sex robot

The Difference Between Sex Robot & Sex Doll

What is the difference between a sex robot and a sex doll? This is a hot topic and a question asked by many people.

With the advancement of technology and the development of the times, sex dolls have become more and more realistic and intelligent, and many people think that artificial intelligence sex robots will become popular among people sooner or later. Looking at the "real-life" full silicone sex dolls, there is almost no difference between them and real humans! Of course, this is only cosmetic. But if it comes to real intelligence and automation, there is still a big gap between sex dolls and artificial intelligence robots in the traditional sense.

As people's requirements for sex dolls are getting higher and higher, the realistic appearance is far from satisfying these senior users. But the technology of adult products has not stopped improving. Some companies have installed a similar evaluation company's "Siri" artificial intelligence dialogue system on the head of the sex doll, and you can even have simple communication with him. Some companies even install motors inside the sex doll's body, allowing her waist and hips to automatically twist, just like a real person! Without a doubt, this will bring a different joy to your room! Therefore, according to this development rhythm, maybe in the near future, sex dolls will not only talk and walk, watch TV and play games with you, help you do laundry, buy food, cook, and take care of children.

Sex Doll vs sex robot

In this day and age, most people are relatively open-minded. After satisfying the material life, you should also meet the spiritual needs of the amateur, otherwise, it will not be good to hold back your body. In the past, inflatable dolls appeared to satisfy desires, but simple inflatable plastics can no longer satisfy otaku. Later, there were semi-real dolls and full-real dolls. In order to pursue the feel and visual impact of the real ones, "real-life level" real sex dolls have now been created. The upgrade of the real doll tells us that we used to have a sex doll to solve simple physiological needs. But now buying dolls is not only to solve physiological needs, but also to have a listener and companion. The use and functions of dolls are constantly expanding.

Sex Doll vs sex robot

To be honest, the "real-life" sex dolls on the market are really realistic and beautiful. The silicone heads are already in good shape, and they are wax-level silicone heads! The doll's hair, eyelashes and eyebrows are all implanted with real hair, giving people a great visual impact! Their bodies are also very real, and they are cast by real models. The texture of the skin is similar to that of real people, and the hand feel is also fake! In fact, even if it is not used for "use", it is very good to put it there for people to watch, and this is also a good handicraft.

You must know that people can never be satisfied. Now they pursue the appearance and touch of the real ones. Soon after, they will hope that the doll can interact with themselves to a certain extent, and can live a good life with the doll, and even let the doll help him do many things. There will be better creations when there is constant demand. Now some foreign dolls have sensors in different parts of the body. By touching different parts, she will have different answers. Many people simply call them smart dolls. In fact, there is still a certain distance from the real intelligence. The simple voice of the dolls is nothing. Let's look forward to the real smart sex dolls in the future.

Sex Doll vs sex robot

In the future, dolls will only be more and more realistic, and they can even replace real people to do some things they can. Customization makes is the norm because everyone wants their other half to be unique. Since the sex robot (smart sex doll) is so real and intelligent, the price will naturally not be cheap. Therefore, I am afraid that it is unaffordable for many ordinary people. Isn't it difficult to popularize sex robots? Whether artificial intelligence dolls will become popular among people will leave time to answer.

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