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Game Lady Dolls: What's the Hype All About?!

Oct 31, 2022
Sex Doll

Game Lady Dolls: What's the hype all about?!

Ever heard of sex dolls of your favorite anime or video game character? I would be lying if I said I haven't. Let's face it; we have all fantasized about making out with characters from our favorite video game or anime arc. Sex dolls have been around for some time, but they aren't customized to your liking or preferences, even an anime sex doll. Sex dolls have become more popular now, especially with the onset of the pandemic. Men now want sex dolls that resemble their video game waifus. Yes, that's right, how would you react if I told you that you could hold a realistic Tifa Lockhart from the famous video game Final Fantasy and fall asleep together even do something you dream of together~? Among the plethora of dolls out there, Game Lady Dolls has been consistently manufacturing custom sex dolls. Their line of realistic sex dolls includes TIFA, AERITH, YUNA, JILL, AND LARA, etc.

Sex Doll

We first introduce the pleasures of sex dolls, going over their varieties and then talking about the Game Lady dolls. So buckle up and read on!

How are sex dolls different from real people?

●Realistic sex dolls don't come with the emotional baggage of dating:

Sex dolls (including custom sex dolls) are meant to simulate having sex with real people, like your partner. Sex dolls fulfil all your sexual needs and desires without your having to step out from the four walls of your home and without the need for any social interaction. Sex dolls (like an anime sex doll or a custom sex doll), unlike real people, wouldn't demand your emotional availability. They are inanimate life-size objects that are built solely to satisfy your needs.

Sex Doll
●Gives you an orgasm whenever you want; however you want If you want an orgasm, sex dolls (especially realistic sex dolls or anime sex dolls) are the way out for you. Every person in this world needs intimacy and connection, and the urge for that leads them to find people who they are compatible with. We all want a partner when we have the urge, which is easier said than done. This is especially difficult for people who do not have much time for social interaction (either due to work pressure or due to disabilities) or people who are social introverts.

This is where sex dolls like my favourite the Tifa doll come into the picture. Realdollshub also retails a variety of sex dolls, including the ones mentioned here.

●Sex dolls are better than confronting the unknown

A major reason behind millions of people using these sex dolls (like the Game Lady Dolls or other custom sex dolls) is that they are far better than sleeping with unknown strangers. Sleeping with strangers can give you STDs or lead to unwanted pregnancies. Also, you have to deal with the fear of rejection when you ask a stranger out on a date. For people with special desires and kinks, sex dolls like the anime sex doll or a realistic sex doll are the way out because they can try out all their kinks and desires without feeling inhibited or judged.

●The different kinds of sex dolls:

Just like there are different variations of masturbators, vibrators, and strokers, there are different types of sex dolls. Based on the materials used, there are widely three different varieties of sex dolls:

  1. Silicone sex dolls - Sex dolls made of silicone are generally of superior quality and cost more. They are made to look and feel more realistic than the others. They can make all your fantasies come true, especially an anime sex doll or the Game Lady Dolls.
  2. TPE sex dolls - These are made of thermoplastic rubber, a class of polymers with thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. They are made to feel and resemble natural skin.
  3. Blow-up sex dolls - They are designed with a high-quality combination of rubber, vinyl, and TPR that make them flexible. They are durable and generally cost less than other varieties (including anime sex dolls).

Besides these, there exist sex toys that are classified based on the genre they belong to. Let's face it, at some point, we all have wanked off to images of our favourite celebrities. Celebrity sex dolls aim to satisfy precisely this pleasure of yours. These dolls are made as exact replicas of your favourite celebrity. You can also opt for a realistic anime sex doll that will resemble your favourite anime or hentai character.

Sex Doll

What makes Game Lady dolls different?

For one thing, Game Lady dolls take sex dolls to a whole new level, something which any other anime sex doll company has failed to achieve.

●Made from the highest grade of silicone, this is one gem of a product.

Game Lady dolls are made from high-quality silicone and are inspired by your favourite gaming arcs. Unlike an anime sex doll, the internal skeleton is made of an alloy and is built to last. Typically, other sex dolls suffer wear and tear in a very short span of time. Not the Game Lady dolls! This entire collection of products (available at Realdollshub) is manufactured and tested before they are shipped out to the customers. You can use it as you please, wherever you please, without any fear of wear and tear.

●Variety of characters:

The Game Lady product line boasts of several video game characters that they have modelled into sex dolls. You can choose some of my favourites: TIFA, Aerith, or Ciri sex doll. They even have different measurements that you can choose from, unlike other anime sex dolls.

Tired of beating your meat and getting it on with the same generic-looking cartoonish sex doll for days on end? Try Game Lady dolls for the perfect climax and add variety to your sex life.

Sex Doll

●Buffet of body types:

The manufacturers of Game Lady Dolls have released 4 body types for the customers - three very realistic body types and one scaled-down body type (all available at Realdollshub).

Each of these realistic body types can be adapted to all Game Lady doll character head that you have purchased or previously bought. These include the 168cm one, as well as the 167cm and 166cm varieties. The scaled-down body type includes the 100cm variety sex doll. The 168cm variety has a more voluptuous body, while the 167cm one has abs and seems more fit. The 166cm variety is lighter and has bigger breasts as compared to the other ones. The vagina depth in all these varieties is around 17.5cm, while the anus depth is close to 16cm. This is especially amazing considering the fact that you can mod every part of your Tifa sex doll! Unlike an anime sex doll, you can customise your doll and choose from a wide variety of measurements here on Realdollshub.

●Finetune your dolls with special features like hairstyles and eye colour While most sex doll manufacturers fail to create exact replicas of the characters (you can probably notice something is amiss in most anime sex dolls), Game lady dolls don't disappoint their customers. The Game Lady dolls feature the exact hairstyles of the characters they are modelled on. The toys also feature moveable eyes and delicate makeup to make for a more authentic and pleasurable experience. So if you are looking to change a few tidbits of your Ciri doll, go ahead! All of these customisable features can be found on Realdollshub.

Sex Doll

●A paradise for cosplay fans

It also makes for an excellent gift for hardcore cosplay fans. They can cosplay with their favourite video game characters and then fulfil their fetishes with them! The Game Lady sex dolls make all fantasies come true. *wink wink* My personal experience with a Game Lady doll: I have been an avid sex doll user over the past few years, especially anime sex doll products from Realdollshub mostly. Over the years, I have tried almost all the varieties of sex dolls out there, from silicone ones to TPE ones. I have even opted for customised sex dolls (including anime sex dolls) that look like blonde girls or brown girls. Getting it on with a sex doll isn't too hard if you have the right mindset. It's weirdly satisfying once you get the hang of it.

Sex Doll

But I was completely blown away by the Game Lady Doll. After unboxing it (I had ordered the Tifa sex doll and the Ciri sex doll with 168cm length), I was amazed by the life-like upgrades the manufacturers had boasted about. The experience of using it for the first time was mindblowing. I was swooning over it for days. The Tifa doll made me cum more times than I can ever recall. I bought mine from Realdollshub, an authorised vendor of Game Lady dolls. They have been selling sex dolls (I bought an anime sex doll a couple of years back from them) for a while now. They have a commendable after-sales service that makes the whole buying experience excellent.

Final Verdict The craze around this realistic sex doll is worth it. For the uninitiated, the Game Lady Dolls can tickle your pleasure receptors like no other toy. With the added advantage of being a custom sex dolls, these dolls beat the competition by a mile and a half. Realdollshub is the website to purchase this realistic sex doll, and they even offer a money-back guarantee should you not find the product to your liking. Give it a shot; the only regret you'll ever have is not buying from them earlier!

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