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Angelkiss New Product Launch: Seamless Neck Silicone Sex Doll

Aug 22, 2023

Angelkiss New Product Launch: Seamless Neck Silicone Sex Doll

Angelkiss recently announced the launch of a new slit-neck silicone sex doll, the head LS10, and a new 162cm body. People open up new fields of exploration.

162E Body Specifications

THead & Body Integration
Upper Bust:81cm
Under Bust: 57cm
Shoulder Width: 36cm
Waist: 57cm
Hip: 91cm
Weight: 30kg

LS10 head and 162E silicone body

Angelkiss' newly released sex doll is very influential. It perfectly combines the very popular LS10 head with the brand-new 162E silicone body. It is very attractive to men who are obsessed with sex dolls!

Advantages of Seamless Neck Silicone Sex Dolls

The integrated design of this sex doll from Angelkiss is different from the previous removable sex dolls, with a seamless neck design, there is no obvious sewing marks, which will be more beautiful and make the technology of manufacturing dolls reach a new level!
The high quality TPE manufacturing makes her more realistic, both her body and height are exactly the same as the real person, which means you will feel a more realistic experience!

Disadvantages of Seamless Neck Silicone Sex Dolls

Unlike previous sex dolls, this sex doll from Angel Kiss has been released due to it's use of a seamless neck design that prevents her from customizing her head to your liking like other sex dolls.

The release of the seamless neck silicone sex doll is a brand new start, bringing new choices and vitality to those who love sex dolls!

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